Thursday, August 04, 2005

Thank You Universe

Last night, Supple and I were taking a walk on lovely West Cliff when we happened upon this.

Sometimes the universe just hands you a smile.

Oh universe. Oh karma. Oh (insert name of preferred god here). Thank you.

I don't much care if it is evil of me to find sweet satisfaction in the fact that Mr. Grass has gone even further downhill. He's traded in his new white van for that piece of crap. Not only that, he's taken it one step further down Pothead Lane by buying himself some stencils and doing his own painting to advertise his "business." Oh, oh, oh- here's another funny part- he only stenciled on ONE SIDE of the van. How is that for lazy pothead behavior?

I am so damn amused, I can't stop chuckling. I'll probably go to hell for such behavior but I figure, I will be in good company.


kim e said...

Who is Mr Grass? Have I not been paying attention and missed an important detail? (that's highly likely, it happens to me all the time...)

kim e said...

I get it now... what an asshat this guy is.

Karma sure is a bitch, isn't she? hehe

Jenny said...

HOLY TOLEDO! I am laughing my butt off. Pothead loser painting on one side of the van. Man that thing looks like a motorhome! Thank God he's outta the picture!

Bob Merrick said...

Think of how much money you could've saved in rent had you married him and moved into the van with him!

Sizzle said...

always the voice of reason Tomato.

har har.

romy said...

heh. in the nick of time.
i love it. :)

Anonymous said...

more like in the nick of grime!
yucky gooey nasty pooey stinky dookie crapweasel!
the sup

Anonymous said...

heeeeyyy maaan.. that sucks.. bad karma on you, man.. my van is my life..

need anything fixed or something, call me..

doubleB said...

...livin in a van, down by the river!