Friday, August 05, 2005

That was so. . .unexpected

In my In Box this morning was this horoscope:

Good things tend to come in threes, and the first of a very merry trio is about to arrive very soon. Just remember to look surprised when it turns up -- the stars love to surprise people.

Which is odd and timely and well, just how the universe likes to operate I find. As I was listening to my voicemail messages, I heard a familiar voice from my past. A dear old friend had resurfaced and was tentatively reaching out to see if I could forgive her long absence and possibly reunite. I wanted to cry really because I was so touched. She and I had the kind of friendship that overcame controversy and vast cultural divides to flourish into a unique and stimulating kind of companionship.

I can't wait to call her.

Then, my friend and co-worker came into my office giving me an unexpected book. Apparently, she was at the bookstore and saw it and HAD to get it for me. It's entitled: Are You My Boyfriend? I'm thinking maybe I might be sharing too many of my dating stories around the office? I can't help it- they are highly amusing and make for some good laughs. We need good laughs when working at an AIDS organization. I shall carry on telling my tall tales promptly after I read my new (pink covered!) book. :)

Yesterday I did a silly, silly thing. . .

A girl shouldn't, as a general rule, know two men named Jeremiah. It just complicates things. Particularly when said girl is in a rush and is sending off a quick email to a Jeremiah.

Back story: Jeremiah #1 is a good friend and someone I once dated many moons ago. We have been out of touch the past few months as we are wont to do so I had just this week sent him a "how the heck are you?" email attempting to catch up but had not yet heard back from him. Jeremiah #2 is my date from last weekend. We've been emailing back and forth though I have absolutely no clue what is actually going on as far as if I want to go on another date with him, etc. . .there is some "weirdness" but it is probably in my head (my neurotic head). Anywho, I shoot off this email to Jeremiah #2 giving him props for some obscure Ghostbusters reference. I get an immediate email back which is unusual (he usually takes a long time to respond) but I go with it. I open the email, read it, laugh and hit "reply." I type up a witty response and well, somewhere in it there appears the word "spank" and "dirty" and well, um, that is all, really (really Mom, I promise). I hit send and then I look at the email address: It is for Jeremiah #1, not Jeremiah #2. Oopsy!

Color me embarassed!

Luckily, Jeremiah #1 is a good sport and, well, truth be told, a bit slow if he thinks that email had a damn thing to do with anything related to him and I seeing as how we hadn't spoken in so long. We have a big ol' email chuckle over my lameness. Plus, as he says, "I didn't realize the error, cause I'm a dirty boy too." Gotta love that boy.

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