Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We've Hit The Big Time

Thanks to SJD over at The Write Coast we've got ourselves a Blog Crush button. Fancy! Thanks SJD for creating & sharing it. Now we are official. Grab it and post it on your blog if you are participating Dec. 15th.

Who are YOU going to pick? Pass me a note in 5th period.

In non-crush news, this Friday I have two parties to go to- my work holiday party (the bowl-a-rama) and my apartment building party. I'm glad to have parties to attend but what has become glaringly obvious these last few days is that I have a difficult time refraining from falling into the role of "party planner." How do I say this without sounding rude? Hmm. . . when people who are quite obviously not planners take the lead on such events that need planning and I am on the periphery. . .well, I kind of want to lose my mind with how disorganized it all seems. Take my apartment party for example. One apartment took the initiative to gather everyone's emails and start the conversation about having the party- this is good because otherwise we'd have no party. But then it sort of became this mass email conversation of what date and what time and how should we work the food. Even though I am from Santa Cruz, CA, I am not a huge fan of co-ops. It's the Aries in me. I want a leader.

So we're doing this traveling party where we pop in to each apartment and have a little food and drink. At one point I think someone asked how long we'd spend in each apartment and there was a rumor about an hour. An hour!? That'd be 7 hour party. Uh, no. We each picked a region/country so we'll be tasting foods from France to India. Because the "party planners" opted to go last (they are making a dessert) I, in typical Sizzle fanatic fashion, opted to go first. Am I crazy!? (We all the answer to this. Hush.) The upswing is I get to relax and enjoy the rest of the night because going first means a) the control freak in me will be appeased b) I'll have some influence on the tone of the party, and c) my food will all be hot and fresh from the oven. Is it weird/evil/snobby to want my apartment to be the cutest?

I should probably seek professional help for this problem. (And others, I know. Hush!)


justrun said...

I know what it's like to get sucked into that organizer role... but, selfishly, I like things to turn out well and the best way to get that done is to do it myself. Boy, sounds like a problem, eh? Oh well, there are worse things.

I am just so jealous that you have a traveling "apartment party." I wish I had some cool neighbors to do things like this with but they are all oldies- they couldn't make a 7 minute party without a nap, much less hours! Have fun and try to enjoy it, even if you're planning away!

P.S. I don't know if I can choose a blog crush, but I will try!

alissa said...

We truly are internet soul sisters.

s@bd said...

or you should become my best friend and we can be complete control freaks ... er ... excellent planners together.

Egan said...

I like this blog crush idea. I have some thinking ahead of me.

JavaJabber said...

I'm all about being in control. Have you not read my post on how NO ONE ON THIS EARTH is allowed to drive me anywhere?

And your plan sounds like a good plan. An excellent plan. So in control.

You don't need therapy on this issue.

Besides that would indicate a lack of control ... which is so not you.

Bone said...

This made me think of a song... It's the remix to ignition, so hot and fresh out da kitchen...

Speaking of needing help.

I'm just thankful it isn't a PMS post. Although that would be fine, if that's what you wanted to do.

I'm gonna shut up now.

Brookelina said...

Ok fine, I'm in. I'll post the button and admit to my crush.

I'm still thinking of saying it's Bone. I don't know him at all but he looks cute in his picture. And we all know how shallow I am when it comes to looks. Well, you and I know, nobody else here really does.

I've said too much. Shut me up.

SJD said...

I went to one of those traveling party things once, and it was fahbulous! Except it was all over town and we drank too much and ... I forget the rest.

Alison said...

Ooh, sounds fun!

And cool on the button for the Blog Crush! I still have to decide who mine is.

matilda said...

The APT party sounds cool. Take your camera and take photos of each apt then post them online. I love going to others places to see how they have stuff. Have fun.