Saturday, December 30, 2006

Setting My Intention for 2007

I've long since given up on resolutions. Instead, I like to set my intention for the new year. Last year I had quite a solid list and, upon review, I've held true to many of my intentions. Hey, this actually works! Many of last year's intentions carry over into this year (and every year). I'll never be done practicing patience or giving up the guilt. These are lifelong intentions. But what's the harm in reminding myself? It's a gentle push in the right direction.

As 2006 draws to a close and 2007 readies itself with open arms, I ask myself: Who do I want to be in the world? What will it take for me to become her?

My theme for 2007 is ACCEPTANCE.

Here's what I want for myself in 2007:
  • Figure out how to quiet my inner critic. (Please shut the fuck up.)
  • Trust myself more. (Intrinsically.)
  • Be open to love. (It isn't all THAT scary, is it?)
  • Be present in the now. (Here. Here. Here.)
  • Financial security. (Cha-ching!)
  • Give up the body loathing. (Good Lord enough already with the hating.)
  • Belly jiggling, rolling on the floor, tears from my eyes laughter. (Makes me feel alive.)
  • A lot of really good kissing. (Weak-in-the-knees kind of kissing to be specific.)
  • More touch. (Yeah, you read that right.)
  • Quiet. (The kind of quiet that hushes the inner critic.)
  • Solitude that recharges me. (Being alone does not have to equal loneliness.)
  • Learn a new craft. (And get really, really good at it.)
  • Hold true to my boundaries. (No is a complete sentence.)
  • Practice articulating my wants and needs. (Even when it is difficult. Even when I want to hide under the covers. Like right now, how I am listing my wants for 2007.)
  • Give up on fixing everyone. (You don't need fixing and if you do? It isn't my job.)
  • Feel I am enough. (Perfectionism, bugger off!)
  • Fall in love. (Truly, madly, deeply.)
  • Listen deeper and ask difficult questions. (Of myself most particularly.)
  • Love myself more than I ever have. (It goes without saying...)
What about you? What is your intention for 2007?


diane said...

I love this--with the theme and everything! I prefer "goals" to "resolutions", but I think "intentions" is the best of all. :)
I've got mine up in this week's Thursday Thirteen...uh...which was actually posted on Friday. (shameless plug)

StupendousWoman said...

I'm afraid my goals have much more to do with wishful thinking than planning something intelligent like you did!

In other words: If 2007 doesn't suck as bad as 2006 did, I'll be very happy. ;)

Kris said...

I'm wondering if this list is copyrighted, or if I might copy it and post it on my wall? :)

All of it except for the crafting. I'll replace the crafting with most incredible kissing.

Wishing you all the best to start 2007, S!

Neil said...

I think you pretty much made the same list that we all did. I hope you get it all in 2007.

BullysE said...

That was Beautiful, Sizzle.

Okay, mine would be for one, learn to Accept Myself. yup. Secondly, to Comfort Myself. I was a thumb-sucker toddler, and knowing my Mom, I guess it doesn't surprise me...and then I was an over-compensating now that I am Adult, and aware of all my human frailties? Yeah, I need to learn to be my OWN strong, soothing Voice. somehow.

Acceptance, and strength to go the distance. That's what I need. Good luck to all of us! :-D

g-man said...

You sound so much like a dear friend of mine. As with her I would hope for you the sanity, courage, and patience to fulfill your intentions to the highest degree.

Claire said...

I've been thinking about this since I first read about runjenrun's yearly themes. I really dig the idea of theme/intention rather than resolutions (which I've never been into).

And I like that yours is kind of a long list under one banner since I haven't settled on one theme for myself yet. Still mulling it over, but you've definitely got a lot of good stuff on yours.

Eyes said...

I intend to get back into the blogging world! I've started a new blog...I'm back and ready to rock.

Hi Sizzle! I've missed you! I've just checked out your flickr...Auntie Siz! I'm so excited for you!

I wish you a HAPPY, HAPPY new year! And lots of hugs and kisses from Florida!


sandra said...

(signs off to make similar list)

Cain said...

Your intentions pretty-much said it all!

I think everyone, at some point, carries the intentions you've listed.

~~They sound awfully good to me!!~~

Cheers, and Happy New Year!

xx, Cain.

Dave2 said...

I have no goals for 2007 and refuse to feel bad about it!

Okay I have one goal... I want to survive TequilaCon. :-)

Kerry said...

I'm not sure yet... but I better get it together and quick! Tomorrow is the big day Eve!

Diana said...

I've never been one to make a New Year's Resolution either, but never have taken the time to come up with something better. I think your list is quite profound. Thanks for posting it.

Karl said...

An admirable list indeed. I should reflect on something similar but I'm too lazy.

Alison said...

I have no doubt that you can do all this.

As for my intention(s)? I'll have to ponder that for a bit. But thanks for the idea for a blog entry. :)

Amy Guth said...

Wonderful list! You are so on top of your self-awareness game. I love it.

(Gave that self-awareness a little shout out en blog this morning.)

Happy New Year, your fabulousness.

Amy Guth said...

"No is a complete sentence."

Love that, by the by. I will quote you often.

Lushy said...

I intend to finally kick fear squarely in the nads.

Happy new year, Sizz!

HA! My word verification is pnsuh. *giggling*

Keri said...

Intentions sound a whole lot better than resolutions.. Happy New Year!

Faith said...

Great list my friend! I know you will suceed in fulfilling these goals this year.

My goals are to heal my old financial wounds and to eat clean and work out as rountine again...which starts on Tuesday. Can you say cheesecake for New Years Day? :)

Anonymous said...

My mom just bought me an expensive treadmill. My true intentions are to finally stop being in denial and do something to make myself healthy. And make positive choices in my life. I turn 40 this year too.... so I'm hoping life will be magically delicious but not just that BUT I maintain a more focused, do-able goal of reaching my dreams in the art world too.....Happy New Year! Amy (aka inky)

Malnurtured Snay said...

I'd like to keep my resolutions.

Happy New Year!

alissa said...

Happy New Year Darling!

justrun said...

Awareness. Very good. I understand.
Happy New Year!

snackiepoo said...

And lots and lots of lesbian cupcakes!

I love your many of these things that I need to take a look at too, dammit!

Shafa said...

This is the best list of New Year's resolutions I have ever read. It might... MIGHT just be enough to get me back into the habit of doing them.

But only if I can be as awesome with mine as you were with yours.

Guess that means no resolutions this year...

Bone said...

Great list. Now print it and post it on the fridge or something :)

Becky said...

That's a good list. I think my primary goal is to take a trip to Europe. I'm due.