Monday, January 02, 2006

Intentions for 2006

Here is how I am starting my year, by setting my intention.

What am I going to strive for in this next year of my life?

  1. Practice patience.
  2. Find peace through forgiveness.
  3. Drop the shoulds, the games, the regrets.
  4. Belt out the song of my heart. (There will never be enough dancing and singing.)
  5. Dive into the dream and make it the reality.
  6. Risk.
  7. Use integrity, dignity and strength of character to light the way.
  8. Trust the Universe.
  9. Be still, quiet and internal in equal balance with being active, boisterous and external.
  10. Give up the guilt.
  11. Dare to be a unique shining star in a galaxy of drones.
  12. Wonder and delight in the wicked roller coaster ride of life.
  13. Breathe.
  14. Stoically believe in myself.
  15. Love, love, love. Then love some more.
  16. Give selflessly.
  17. Let time do its thing without interference.
  18. Cherish the tender underbelly of living.
  19. Have faith.
  20. Slow down. Forget the rat race.
  21. Believe in goodness.
  22. Smile often.
  23. Laugh!
  24. Light the fire of unadulterated passion whenever possible.
  25. Live loud and clear.


sue said...

Wow. You make my list look like crap... ;) {{{hugs}}}

goldmoon said...

Wonderful resolutions, Siz. Here's to a great 2006!

Her Daddy's Eyes said...

You're on your way to a wonderful year, Ms. Sizzle! I like the way you think...but you knew that! :)


Lushy said...

Amen, sister! I love that list!

Gary said...

Nice list. Especially the one about the guilt. It's never too soon to give up guilt.

lisaclinton7355 said...

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Moonchild said...

Wow. The chick above is something else to force you to go to her blog. Yikes!!!

I love #23 !!!

Party Girl said...

fantastic! I like #5 and #13 the best. Breathe, we forget to do that too often.

Jenster said...

Great list Sizz! It's amazing how important it is to just stop and breathe. It's something I am always having to force myself to do. You're on your way to a great year!

Welcome back to los Estados Unidos! I'm so happy to hear you had a good time. You deserve it! Isn't is nice to just get back to the basics and forget about all of the useless crap we incorporate into our lives? :)

gorillabuns said...

all are do-able. you simply can't fail...

Melissa said...

Welcome home!!!

Number 6 says everything.

Lizzie said...

Amen to #4! Here's hoping you get everything on your list in 2006.

Aimee said...

Such wonderful food for thought. I'll have what you're having!

circe said...

What a stellar list! My personal favs were #12 and #24. I may have to steal yours as I have come up with zilch.

Big bear hug,

love ya cutie!

Star Effer said...

Awesomeness abounds. I got verklempt just reading your resolutions. That should be required reading for all of humanity - or at least anybody applying for a drivers license.


Good to have you back. Can't wait to read some more about your visit with our neighbors to the south. And your blog isn't merely "inquisitive," it effing ROCKS, no matter what the androids say... silly robots.

Gary said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I live in Texas now, but years ago I spent a summer in Brookdale and Felton. Are you familiar with them? You are lucky to live where you do: I think it's one of the most beautiful areas in America.

Bill said...

Good list. I made a list of intentions last year but I've been reluctant to go back and look at it.

I loved your #25, by the way. (And #24, and #23, and ... )

Kilt Trip said...

It's been said, oh, 17 times now, but your list rules. Such a positive outlook! I sould take a page from your book...

Amanda said...

Very profound. I don't think you will have a problem fulfilling them! Here's to a wonderful year!

Nihilistic said...

#11!!! ;-)