Thursday, November 02, 2006

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

I was at a tabling event (that's when non-profits go to for-profits, set up a table with information and sit around with a smile plastered on their face for a minimum of 2 torturous hours hoping someone will come up and speak to them about all the good work they do for the community) a few days ago for work. Actually, it was on Halloween. Some tablers showed up in costume. I didn't. Let's not go into how depressing that was for me. That is not the point of this post.

I ended up being seated next to a guy who knows my boss. Nice fella. We chatted a bit and the conversation turned to the weather. The cold has started to come, I guess it is unseasonably chilly from what he told me. I mentioned the fact that I desperately need an ice scraper. When I go out to my car in the morning, I spend about 10 minutes with a wad of crumpled paper (one of the only reasons having a messy car is a plus) trying to get the ice off enough so I can drive to work without killing anyone. It doesn't really work that well and my hands de-thaw a couple of hours later. Have I mentioned my work place is cold? It's like the heater was on during summer and air conditioning is on during winter. What gives!?

Ok, so back to the guy. He said that by Thursday the rain would start. And that it wouldn't stop until March. MARCH. And guess what? Today is Thursday. I woke up to the sound of rain hitting the dumpster outside my bedroom window. (Yes, there is a dumpster outside my window- please don't get me started about how unpleasing those aesthetics are.) He's lived here 10 years so I guess he's got the weather pattern down.

Necessities For Living In Seattle:
1.) An ice scraper
2.) A rain coat
3.) Rain boots
4.) Very warm clothes
5.) A love of the dark
6.) A variety of indoor activities that make you happy
7.) One of those special lamps
8.) Enjoyment of being wet and cold and in the dark

Hello rain! Glad to meet ya! Good thing I am stocking up on all my new hobbies.


JustRun said...

Yeah, it is one thing to be cold and another to be wet but combining the two is just unimaginable for me. I know a few runners in the PNW and I have no idea how they hang through the winter (though I'm guessing there's shrinkage- ha!).

Are you really thinking about the SAD lamp? I have a friend that uses one and swears by it. Personally, I'll spend my $235 on a plane ticket to the sun!

Sizzle said...

I wouldn't spend the money on the lamp but I would definitely put the cash towards a trip to Mexico or Hawaii. :)

Krisco said...


You know, I heard of this warmish place called Santa Cruz.

HA! Just kidding. I still think you made a good move. It's your first winter there - and new climate change is an adjustment. Get a lot of warm sweaters! And that non-SAD lamp thing.

Margaret said...

The rain boots are really cute.

Jenny said...

how about a cruise to Hawaii! :)

i talked with a guy the other day about the rain. he moved from SoCal to Seattle and has been there for 4 years now. he said when he first arrived, it rained for a month straight. then he got a 1-2 day break with sun and then back to rain for another month. at first he said he was going stir crazy, but then figured out ways to occupy himself with hobbies :) and friends... this seems to be the theme. it might be a hard adjustment at first, but then you remember all the great things about Seattle and why you moved there.
btw: target has boots for like $20 online. that's where i got mine :).

Shawn said...

Welcome to the PNW! I moved here last year and didn't think I would get SAD over the winter, but I did. Portland had record rain last year so that didn't help. Go on at least two little sunny vacations and you're fine. Also, I don't know if it's true for Seattle, but our winter winds are so strong that umbrellas are useless, so buy coats with hoods. And learn to hike in the rain. And everything else . . . :)

After a year here, I've decided to move to LA. Love the PNW, but love LA more. Sun and surf = happy for me.

Mr_Rodacre said...

Cupcake, you don't need to spend $235 on a lamp. Do what I told you months ago:

Go to the store and buy those GE Reveal light bulbs and replace all of your existing bulbs with them. They have a more natural (read: sun-like) light and they are way cheaper than the SAD lamp.

Dave2 said...

Tell me about it. I am staying in a beautiful waterfront hotel and awoke to a view of... fog and rain.


Melissa said...

That lamp makes me think of the Spanish Inquisition. And I'll take any excuse to buy new shoes.

You know, if you learned to knit you could kill two birds with one stone - new hobby, new sweaters.

hotpinksox said...

First, I want to say AMEN! to your two previous blogs about men and dating. I am so there. I'm officially on Guy-atus again.

Second, I need to re-read "He's just not that into you." I forgot what great advice is in that book. Have you seen the author's new talk show? I haven't, I wonder if it is any good.

Third, I have been wanting a new pair of rain boots for weeks. Although, it has not been raining here in Texas, I have been dreaming of rain boots. I love the ones you have picked out. Mind if I get them?

Sizzle said...

hotpinksox- you go ahead and get whatever rain boots you want. :) i haven't seen the talk show but i was told about it. it's a great book!

Dawn said...

You can use a credit card to get the ice off of your windshield when scraper-less.

Works like a wonder.

Nihilistic said...

It rained here today too...although it was welcomed... ;)

Bre said...

And I thought the mountain winds and ice were bad!

matilda said...

... why do you still need an ice scraper if it's raining?

Becky said...

For what it's worth, I arrived in mid-Nov. and it barely rained until January (and I have pictures to prove it:) I'll take the cold any day over the torrential downpour, like we have today. I'm drenched from the thigh down. I need a bigger umbrella.