Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bloggers Unite

OC Girl came to town last night. After chatting with her daily for months, it was great to finally meet her face to face. Nihilistic and Michael joined us for a tour of The Cruz, some grub and vino, and a sighting of The Umbrella Man. (It just isn't a tour of SC without him.) Even Dumpling came along. Luckily, he wasn't injured by this cool old limo.

We raised a glass and toasted to blogging. When I began this blog I never imagined I would meet so many new friends. Cheers to blogging! Cheers to new friends!

Tonight it is David Sedaris at the Flint Center.

Need I say more?

I almost forgot to list my five things today!

1. I have good manners and I use them.

2. I am well read.

3. I am very thoughtful.

4. I am intelligent.

5. I am empathetic.


jenny said...

Good conversation, drinks w/ friends, and Sedaris? You've just described my ideal day.

You have classy blogger friends, drinking red wine and all. :)

Chase said...

Mmmmm. Sedaris. I'm so insanely jealous. In Tulsa, we don't get any fun stuff. :(

(on another note, the word verification below right now is "poosc". That made me giggle!)

Mikey said...

Laughing my ass off because Robert is in wikipedia. Cheers ps why wasn't I invited?

Anthony S. said...

Sedaris is hysterical. Lucky.

Nihilistic said...

6. You have a great laugh!
7. You tell great stories
8. Your an awesome tour guide
9. Your exactly what you portray yourself to be
10. You are tons of fun and now just like I thought, I'm even more sad for myself that you are moving!! ;)

Thanks for a fun night Sizz!!

Nihilistic said...

PS - How exciting is it that a picture of my crotch made it on your blog???

Kris said...

Let's not forget this one: You are kick ass.

I agree with you on the friend blogging front. It's amazing that, upon meeting these fellow bloggers, you feel as if you've known them longer than some of your lifelong friends.

JustRun said...

First of all, I'm loving your lists. It's really making me think more in the "what's great about me" sort-of-way.
Second, though I've yet to meet a fellow blogger I have often thought that it would be like getting to know someone backwards, which seems pretty cool at times.
Third, cheers to you!

Lizzie said...

Oh man, I am so JEALOUS! OC Girl AND Sedaris? It just doesn't seem fair.

Lizzie said...

(p.s. I didn't mean to exclude Nihilistic. I'm sure he's lovely too, I just don't know him... And I'm sure Dumpling is nice too. Gah- you know what I mean!)

Bill said...

I think I've never ever actually met a fellow blogger in the flesh. This probably has something to do with living where I do and my aversion to leaving the house to travel. But I've always had a theory. There are no bloggers. All posts on the Internet are made my a guy name Bob who lives in Florida and is on the verge of a breakdown trying to keep all these personas straight.

But it's just a theory.

Krisco said...

See, I think it's getting easier for you. That's awesome! What a great assignment. (I should try it...)

I love the idea of, Am I my best self with him.

THAT is important. And permanent.

maseume said...

ugh, no more mention of The Cruz or pictures of familiars. =) My weak heart can't handle it. I miss that town far too much...on a side note, congrats on the blog-a-friends. Is there an "official" blog forum? Like Blogster or BlogSpace? Hmm...maybe I'm floundering in my adolesence now...

Bre said...

That sounds like fun times! I didn't get a chance to tell you before - but I love your 5 things! It's really inspiring that you are taking such firm steps towards making yourself feel better!

kapgar said...

David Sedaris is awesome! He was so incredibly cool when I met him last year and funny as hell! His stories take on a whole new life when you hear them in his voice. It's the only time I've ever preferred the audio book to the print book in my life. But I still own the books, too.