Friday, March 10, 2006

Working for the Weekend

For all of you anxiously awaiting, worry no more: my desk set up has been fixed. Thanks to my dear Dumpling and his trusty electric screwdrivers (yes, plural... it was a big job). Interesting tidbit: If you send a fella an email entitled "screw" they will likely think you are implying they will be using some entirely different, uh, tool. Ahem. Lesson learned.

In the process of removing the file cabinet from the desktop, Dumpling managed to get grease all over his cute shirt. So like a good guilt-ridden, thankful friend, I promptly ran it to the bathroom to spot clean (to no avail) and then took it home to wash it (three times, spots are almost gone) and purchased him coffee and bagel. It was the least I could do. I can now pull out the mouse tray. All day yesterday I kept reaching up to the desktop for the mouse. Old habits die hard. Die old habits. Die!

There is this meme going around in which people have to fill out a questionnaire about you. One question asks, "Do I have any bad habits?" To which, thus far, four (count 'em 1-2-3-4) people (including one guy who hasn't ever met me) said "You bite your nails." Damn it! I really have to stop because I am not fooling anyone. I know my nail biting annoys Tomato to no end. (Did you used to slap my hands out of my mouth when we were dating? Or am I making that up?) I guess I'll take up smoking again.

Of course, this day would not be complete without a mention of American Idol. As bored as I was with this week's performances, I am happy with the results. Though, really, Kevin? I don't think he will last long but the look on his face when he got into the top 12 was priceless. Much like a Citibank Visa card. Goodbye Mr. Smiles (lose the mustache already, you are barely 18). Will, aka "the other Brady brother," just didn't have it in him. I blame the hair. Ayla showed her softer side by shedding some tears (she isn't used to not winning, poor girl) and Kinnik, well, we ALL saw that one coming. Even deaf people could have nailed that one.

Upcoming highlights:

*Lunch with Jules & Jorge (I have finally found an appreciation for Baja Fresh. For those of you on WW, two chicken baja style tacos = 6 pts but don't eat the chips. Mmmm, chips.)

*Book Club with the ladies (Yet again didn't read the book but instead read two others. How is that for being a rebel, Dumpling? You got nothing on me. Ha.)

*What Not to Wear (Woo Woo!)

*Massage with the ever-fabulous Fawna Moon (She may have a hippy name but damn if she isn't THE best massage therapist on planet earth.)

*Dinner with Alissa & Sandra. . . and maybe Jacynth. (Like that isn't in and of itself tickling me pink, we are going to sushi. Mmm, sushi.)

*Concert with Marnacakes (Yay! Happy Belated Birthday celebration! Tristan Prettyman rocks my world. Thanks for turning me onto her, Melissa.)

Y'all enjoy your weekend, y'hear? (My shout out to Kellie Pickle - as Paul likes to call her.)

Editor's Note: Sorry for the over-abundance of links. I am link-happy.

P.S. Isn't that photo hilarious? I can't stop laughing every time I look at it. And yes, I know, it has nothing to do with anything. Kind of like this post.


ocg said...


I am so very glad that you got your desk fixed, although I was pulling for you that you might be able to begin working from home if it wasn't repaired... I have big dreams, what can I say?

Your weekend sounds FAB!!! Have fun!

Mrs. Ca said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Have a great time, and have a sushi roll for me!

Kevin said...

You tease! You talk about your desk setup being fixed and don't give us any photos?!?!? For shame!

Sushi! Yum!

Bre said...

Wow! And I though my weekend would be busy! :)

Hope you have a delightful one!!

Nihilistic said...

Have a good weekend Sizz!!!

sandra said...

Yay!!! Dinner!! Sizz!

Paul said...

Ahh, the blonde pickle girl.

She is sooooo stupid. I can't wait for her to talk about having this new thing called PURIFIED WATER next week.

Mr_Rodacre said...

Well, your desk setup still needs a lot of work - i.e. a new keyboard tray - but at least you can use the mouse thinggy.

Thanks for the coffee and bagel - hope the shirt comes out alright...

here's some tips:

And because it's me - I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that MasterCard is the company that has the "Priceless..." campaign.

C'mon... least I didn't call you on your nail-biting... ;-)

Gary said...

Nail biting and smoking. I think those are the only two of my many bad habits that I've actually gotten rid of. Good post as always. Have a nice weekend.

Mikey said...

Go for the Nachos, Go for the nachos!!! They're the bomb. Ask Mario