Saturday, March 11, 2006

Stormin' in the Cruz

Last night my What Not To Wear watching was interrupted numerous times with emergency warnings about the thunder/lightning/hail storm that was occurring outside. I never saw the "dime sized" hail they promised but I did go out to check. A couple of times. I love a good storm. Unfortunately, poor Angelou the scaredy pooch, hates them. She was shaking for hours (after she peed twice on the floor). She hates storms and the Fourth of July.

Here she is outside this morning. There is still hail on the ground, it is THAT cold outside. Forgive me for sounding in awe but I live in the Cruz, this isn't our typical weather.

In the front yard, the ice is packed along the walkway. The rooftops are white as if covered in snow. I feel like I have been transported to some other town. As if, as I slept in my wine slumber, my house with me and my pets was carted off to Tahoe.

I am hoping the sun comes out and melts the ice off my car before I have to take a chisel to it.


Moonchild said...

What a tiny village you live in. All those houses in the background look like munchkins live there.

Moonchild said...

While I realize you and the rest of the Santa Cruz folks must be amazed by the rabbit pellets that fell down from earth last night.... I shall wait in anticipation for the terrible ice storm/snow blizzard we will be getting on Sunday/Monday to send photos of...Sorry you had to deal with cat piss too... that to me is more horrifying than the ice pellets left on your lawn.

Mr_Rodacre said...

Inky - the dog in the photo is the one who had the pee scared out of her... The cats were like "what? what the hell is that outside? meh... let's just go to sleep."

Yeah, living by the beach in California, we don't have much in the way of weather. It is either sunny or rainy or cloudy with variations on hot or cold. So it is a bit disconcerting to have a thin sheet of icy hail carpeting most of the city.

Bill said...

For weather, there's nothing like Alberta, the Wal-Mart of weather. You want hail? We got hail. Snow? We got snow. You like wind? We got tornados. And we got the old stand by sunny days and rainy days.

We also offer late spring, early summer specials like snow storms in June. (Yes, June. Imagine a place where one day it's something like 75 degrees and the next day it snows!)

But we ain't got no ocean. Damn! (Although with global warming, I anticipate my condo having an ocean front view in about 10 years.)

Mrs. Ca said...

(Sorry if this comment posts twice)

How cold is cold? We had some weird weather here this weekend too - 60 and sunny. Very odd for Michigan in March.

Kevin said...

Yeah, we caught the brunt of this storm last night. Tornado watches/warnings until 4 a.m. Not too fun. Luckily, we never heard any sirens.