Friday, September 02, 2005

Making Way

It's weighing on me.

I've hit the wall. The breaking point. I know it is time.

Ideas swirl around in my head. Feelings jump and leap. My heart skips a beat periodically throughout the day. I try to stop and breathe. Breathe deep. Find my center. Not cry. Not lash out. Not crumple. I want to speak, say things in my heart, sort out the ramblings of my mind but it is jumbled. I am knotted. I have to unravel this confusion. I need time.

I will go inward to regroup, reprioritize, and renovate my mind. There really is no other option.

Two roads diverged in a wood. . .

I've got to find a way to sync my heart to my mind. Somewhere along the way, that thread got lost. I want to break new ground. Look upon an unfamiliar horizon and feel safe in that unknown. I want a moment's peace to let go, to sink deep, to anchor myself to my spirit.

I can't go on living so out of balance.

I want to find my road less traveled. I need it more than anything right now.

Maybe it will make all the difference. . .


Jenny said...


Lushy said...

As always, your words are beautiful and strike a chord.

Everyone goes through internal tranformations several times in their lives, but some are more courageous in carrying out the ideas in their heads. I have absolutely no doubt that you will sort it all out and come through even stronger than before. You will courageously live the exact life that you want.

I'll be cheering you on. *hugs*

Paul said...

Sending you good thoughts without sending you one of those crappy "sending you thoughts" Blue Mountain animated greeting card.

Neil said...

I'm sure if you look inside of yourself, you'll know which road to take. Remember, in California, you can make right turn even on red.

sue said...

Wish I lived closer... {{{hugs}}}}