Thursday, September 01, 2005

Do you believe in. . .Fate?

First things first. . .how right on is this horoscope for me?

Let me tell you. It speaks volumes.

* * *

My good friend JB had me over for vino and a cheese plate last night. For those of you not in the know, JB is my stand in. He's often mistaken for my boyfriend. He'd make someone a fabulous boyfriend, though he and I are just great friends. He's a fabulous surrogate though- a date for a party or a wedding, a big hug on a bad day, a drinking buddy. I loves me some JB!

Anyhow, among the myriad of topics we covered, we discussed love. This is a frequent discussion topic as we are both single and looking. He's not a believer in finding your true love on the internet while I put up ads left and right thinking that if I cast my net often and wide enough, I am bound to catch something. And I do, just nothing worth keeping. So far.

I am still left wondering if your zip code can limit your options when it comes to finding a mate. What if your soulmate (if you believe in that) is in Boston and you are on the other side of the country at the beach in California? What if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time? How do you two find one another? If it is "meant to be" you will somehow, miraculously end up on a plane together and fall madly in love? Oooh, that'd be nice.

I have a lot of questions, which probably isn't helping the situation. Jenny Two Times and I often have this conversation about patience and trusting the process. Frankly, we both suck at it (sorry to out you Jen!). Is finding your true love left up to fate? Or is it up to you? The big question is:

Do we find love or does love find us?

Of course, after our wine drinking and cheese eating and chatting we ended up watching porn. Ah, yes. Where there is JB, there is likely, porn. One of the many things I love about my friend. ;)


Anonymous said...

I experienced love at first sight frist hand. I believe it finds you. And I believe it is beyond your zip code.

Neil said...

I totally disagree. Or at least every fiber of my realistic brain is fighting against that idea, even though I sort of like it. There's always a right time and a right place -- and some places give you more opportunities than others. I would think you would be at a disadvantage in meeting men in a smaller town, rather than living directly in San Francisco or Boston. But then again, alot of people complain about the bigger city being anonymous and lonely.

But I can't see anything wrong with being proactive. If you sat around all day waiting for a job to fall into your lap, it might never show up.

Neil said...

Uh... and what type of porn DOES a male and female "friend" watch together?

Helena said...

I want to believe love finds you. But patience is not one my virtues. So I cast my net, too.

Often it seems that a massive clean-up campaign should be undertaken.

Sizzle said...

Massive clean-up campaign! That is prefect...

Aimee said...

Your post really spoke to me today. I live in Boston and have cast a little net of my own. So far, I've encountered some pretty nice guys, but no love connections.

I also happen to be looking for a new job. On a lark, I sent my resume for a potentially amazing job in SF (still no word yet), and while it freaks me out to think of hauling my cookies across the country by myself for a job, part of me wonders if perhaps I'm not finding the guy here because I need to open to starting fresh out west.

Silly, huh? I suppose that like with anything, time will tell.

Paul said...

I don't think you should ever let zip codes, area codes or anything dissuade you from finding someone or going after a relationship. You can always move.

Joo know?

gorillabuns said...

i'm going to sound like my mother when i say love usually finds you when you aren't looking.
i also think fate wins but who's to say that putting yourself out there and being proactive isn't a part of fate's strategy?

sue said...

Go back and read the flashback from my May post - this will remind you of what I think of fate... !!! ;)

amy said...

hey i've decided to add you to my sidebar. i love your blog. inky