Friday, September 02, 2005

Cast of Characters

If you frequent this blog, you might already have a handle on who is who but this is your cheat sheet of the zany cast of characters that are my friends & family.


Angelou: 10 year old border collie/chow chow, suffers from frequent bouts of pouting and hyperactivity, definitely bipolar, feet that smell like popcorn, herder of small cats.
tunneling (new trick!) and barking at the mailman

Bird: the most positive person I have ever met, dear friend and confidante, opera singer, paramedic, super smarty pants.
Forte: delving to the deepest depths (and being a master chef)

Dottie & Dash: sibling kitties, cuddlebugs, purr machines, frequently confuse the human body for a scratching post.
being cute and driving me nuts

Dokey: younger sister, love of my life, photographer, artiste, wife to Double B, wonderful mother to Griffin.
making the world a better place to be (and always wearing the perfect outfit)

Double B: brother in law, dj and drink mixmaster, handyman, fabulous papa to Griffin.
Forte: being calm, cool and collected (and making yummy cobbler)

Dumpling: former boyfriend turned friend, the Harry to my Sally, cinematic genius, infrequent blogger, reader of instructional booklets so Jenny Two Times & I don't have to.
thoughtfulness (and counting other people's cocktails)

Griffin: my nephew, my bundle of love, my eskimo kisser.
Forte: breaking hearts with that smile (and making me laugh)

Hillz: best friend from high school, lover of animals and all things salty (proscuitto anyone?), suffers from ocassional bouts of emotional narcolepsy, the one person on this earth I can de-fuzz sweaters with on a Friday night and still have a wicked fun time, a very wise old soul.
Forte: giving sound advice (and working the cleavage)

JB: guitarist extraordinaire, music officiando, lover of women, cycling & all things chocolate.
Forte: keeping in touch (or being touchy feely)

Jenny Two Times: dear old friend from high school, forgetter of keys, music maven, singing siren, spiritual guru, lackadaisical blogger.
Forte: asking burning questions (or, in some instances, questions about burning)

Meagan: girlfriend of Mikey, unsuspecting beauty, clever, well-read tenderheart.
Forte: being generous & accomodating (and looking like Natalie Wood)

Mikey: former boyfriend and then housemate, spoiler and Papa of Angelou, dedicated writer, retro boy, lover of antiques and MASH.
Forte: biting wit (and forgetfulness)

Mom: woman who birthed me, gifted with an infinite capacity to give, redecorator extraordinaire, grandmommy to the max.
Forte: saving the day (and buying unnecessary things)

Supple: long time friend, former housemate, travel companion, wine expert, tattoo fiend and wanna be drummer.
Forte: sarcasm (and farts)

Tomato: first boyfriend, best friend, larger than life personality, greatest networker ever, handsome gay man.
Forte: being right (and reminding you that he is)


Bob Merrick said...

I don't feel that I spend a lot of time reminding anyone that I am right. I don't think I need to. My rightness speaks for itself. :-)

Plus I'd look like an asshole running around saying, "I told you so".

Jill said...

This is great! Would you mind if I borrowed this idea for my blog? (Though, I'm not sure I even want to give this much info away!) Funny that you refer to your brother as Double B. My brother and his friends call me Double J.