Monday, August 08, 2005

Very Merry, Really?

I was over at Long’s on my lunchbreak when I witnessed a heated argument in the parking lot. Apparently, from what I can surmise, Mr. Small-dick-big- truck-surfer-dude was perturbed by Mr. Aging-hippy-molester-van-fella because Mr. Aging had gunned his engine thus blocking Mr. Small from passing. Of course, Mr. Small just had to follow Mr. Aging into the parking lot to yell out, “Dude?! What’s your problem?!” Like that is REALLY going to make this situation any better.

Some days, I just don’t understand people.

Last Friday I posted my horoscope which said something about expecting the first of three “very merry surprises.” I chalked up my old friend calling me as one of those. Then today, who contacts me out of the great blue yonder? Yes, Mr. Disappointment. I am not sure if this is a "merry surprise." It has sent me spinning a bit. This whole time we have been out of contact, I have thought of him. I couldn’t shift out the feeling that something wasn’t quite right. How could a person appear to be so genuine, honest and interested and then just disappear? Well, he’s resurfaced and with the Mother of all excuses. Seriously- as far as excuses go, this one could be arguably, hands down, in the top 5 of excuses. I can’t tell you what it is (just yet) as I am floored and don’t know what to make of it. It does feel good to hear from him that it wasn’t me, or anything I did or did not do. I knew this intellectually but it is hard to convince a wounded heart of such truths.

Some days, I just don’t understand life.

But it sure does keep me on my toes.


Jenny said...

it better be a good excuse... he might have to answer to the Sizzle Posse :)

kim e said...

What did he want?

Anonymous said...

one thing i've learned is this: they reappear when you least expect them.

now, as Kim said...we of course want to know what he wanted.


Anonymous said...

we are all mr.disappointment sometimes...