Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Early Morning, Pre-Tea Post

I woke up wondering where in the hell did I put my passport?? This always happens when I put something important somewhere for safe keeping. It gets lost.

Before you go wondering if I am leaving the country, let me tell you what has got me tearing up my room. I bought a new car back in April. It took them over the 90 day period to send me my new license plates. When they arrived, I tore into the envelope to see if I had some funny configuration of letters and numbers (I didn't). I then recycled the envelope like a good, earth-friendly Santa Cruzan does.

Of course, it took me over a week to put the damn plates on my car and not after some gentle ribbing by my family and friends. While fastening the plates to my car, I wondered, "Hey, where are the stickers?" And then the feeling of dread washed over me. Where. Are. The. Stickers? Uh-oh.

I asked my friend Meagan, a recent new car purchaser as well, what the deal was with the stickers and the new plates. She confirmed my fear.

I had recycled them!

In my haste to clean up, I had unwittingly tossed them. For the record, who would put the registration and stickers UNDER the front label without putting a note IN the envelope. I am not a dumb person, current situation not included, so imagine how many other people have suffered through this same situation. I can't be the only one... Can I?! I don't want to even think what new low this might drop me to.

So, you know what this means, right? Yes. I get to go to the DMV. Everyone's favorite place on earth after the Tax Man and Jail. Oh!! And, it gets better! I get to PAY to replace them. That's really the most exciting part, isn't it? Talk about paying for your mistakes. Sheesh.

As I await my "financial abundance" (thanks for the mantra Jenny Two Times), I am scrounging for lost change and checking credit card statements for chunks of money to use. Not only do I have the DMV to contend with, I also have to visit the vet. And I think we all know how visiting the vet goes. They smile, take you to the room where you sit, trying to calm your pet down until the vet comes in. . . this usually lasts quite some time to the point where sometimes you might wonder if they forgot about you. Then the vet comes in, spends his or her token moments with the pet and out you go to the counter to contend with the bill. The bill, with its $40 office visit fee (as the appetizer), the lab fees (as the main course) and the medications (ah, dessert!). All of sudden you see your financial ruin flash before your eyes and maybe, you almost faint.

Ok, so I am being dramatic. But then, I am wary of the vet and their "fees." I have to buck up and go though. Dash has been sneezing for over a week and the gooky muck coming from his nose and eyes cannot be ignored. Yeah, I know, sorry- that was definitely TMI.

For the record, he can't be THAT sick. He and his sister Dottie ran around the house like hellraisers. Using me, who was trying to peacefully catch a couple more zzz's, as a springboard for their antics. I, of course, forgive them every time they come up to my face and purr. I'm such a sucker. But then Dash looks me right in the eye and sneezes a big ol' kitten sneeze and we are back to square one again.

As for Mr. Disappointment. . . I am going to have to change his name if I am going to be friends with him. He wrote me to apologize, saying he was very sorry for disappearing and that his life had gotten crazy. We ended up having a very nice long chat. I don't know what is going to happen. I do know I feel better about our situation and myself. I had begun second-guessing my gut. I usually am pretty spot-on about people and this time, with him, I truly thought he was one of the good guys. I think that after our conversation, my faith is restored. We might try being friends. Though, you know how frustrated I've been feeling about the whole "men and women being friends" thing. Plus, if you know from the outset that you are both attracted to one another but are attempting friendship due to certain circumstances at the moment, well, I am wondering if that is a set up to fail situation? I have a lot to sort out and need some time to wade through it all. In the meantime, I plan to keep my head above water and not float to dreamland.

Well, except when I sleep.

Or when I am in line at the DMV.


Ikatron said...

I am so in the same situation with my passport. I put it somewhere I wouldn't forget. Yeah right that was like a year ago and I have even moved. Hope you have better luck then I.

Bob Merrick said...

So were you just looking for your passport because you were afraid you had recycled it, or are you in fact going somewhere?

Sizzle said...

the DMV requires two forms of picture ID.

my appt is at 3:10pm. it is 10:30am. i have no idea where the damn thing is.

Jenny said...

Really? I don't think I had 2 when I was there last... maybe you can bring SS Card or Birth Cert? OH what about your old High School ID? Hahahahaha, don't laugh, I actually still have mine.

Lushy said...

Hope your kitty is ok!