Friday, June 03, 2005

Dealing with Disappointment

I must confess something. . . I went on a date.

Actually, it was three dates.. .with the same man.

I know I said I am on a Love Sabbatical. I know! I didn't expect to meet anyone that would wow me, but I did. I didn't think I would actually like someone. Damn him for charming the pants off me. He has apparently disappeared though which is making me sad and confused. Haven't heard from him except a text message Tuesday (and not one of those "Good Morning Cutie" kind either). Haven't spoken to him on the phone in about 2 weeks after I got back from Seattle. We had an off kind of conversation. It is ridiculous that a stilted 15 minute phone call can spiral into weirdness. Interpersonal communication is such a bitch. Last time we saw one another, two weeks ago, we were all giddy and silly about each other. How does this happen? I forgot how one can go from elation-mixed-with-fear to utter disappointment in seconds when it comes to dating, relationships, or love.

Maybe I shouldn't even be telling you this. Does this make me look like a pathetic loser? He might have changed his mind. People do that all the time. He might be monumentally busy. So busy that he can't send me a simple email or leave me a voicemail saying that:

a) he has been trapped under something heavy for days longingly thinking of me
b) he met someone more interesting, more witty, more attractive
c) he freaked out cuz he didn't think he would like someone so quickly or so much and has been stuck in panic mode
d) he has come to the conclusion that he needs more time to deal with his career and life before dating anyone

I don't know which one I prefer it would be but I do know, I just wish he would say something resembling communication. It's situations like this that make the Love Sabbatical seem like the smart choice. Sure, it's a bit dull and lonely but it is safe.


Anonymous said...

You may have been excited about being attracted to someone who was attracted back. It is nice when it happeneds and sad when it ends. Better to find out after three dates and not 3 months or 3 years.
There will be others. He is out there.

sue said...

I'm soooo sorry. That sucks big-time. I'll hope that it's a. or c. (it certainly couldn't be b.!!). Hang in there - my guy came when I wasn't even looking and had sworn off men forever!

AJ Gentile said...

Oh shit. I thought I was the only guy who uses "C".

Damn you, Sizzle, for knowing all of our tricks.