Tuesday, June 14, 2005

You Shmucks

My co-worker Allison is leaving us to pursue academic endeavors and join the big bad world over the hill. Her good-bye cake had some spelling errors, thanks to the folks at Albertson's. Fare Well Allinson. And are these people color blind?! Since when do pink, yellow, and blue flowers compliment red?
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Bob Merrick said...

Bonnie end me is laffing HiSTERyCALLY!

That iz phunnnnnnnnnnnny!

Sizzle said...

har har and i get your mis-spelling as use of pun. way to work it tomato. ;)

kim e said...

When I had my second baby, my friends hosted a shower for me and ordered a cake from this great bakery owned by a very sweet Chinese couple.

The writing on the cake said 'Conglatulations!'

I shit you not.

Anonymous said...

maybe there should be a spelling and color-blindness test for cake-makers? then again, it didn't effect the tast, so i'm pretty good with the thing.

- jules

GiddyGirlie said...

I agree -- who hires a color blind cake decorator? The saddest part is that those bakers make GOOD money and make such ugly cakes - WTF??

In any case, Fare Well Allinson