Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Give Me The Finger

These are my new finger friends. They are hours of fun and entertainment. You want one don't you? Some lucky folks might be getting one in the mail. How badly do you want one? Why should I send you one? Plead your case and we will see. . .
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Anonymous said...

OK now I really know your job has gone to hell!
I don't need a finger but I would have loved a piece of that cake, a yellow flower please.

Anonymous said...

because they look like i talk!
That's why i shold get one!
the supps

Anonymous said...

flush them down the toilet.

Sizzle said...

how mean! you are a meaniepants. :(

Anonymous said...

...because you could save the postage and just flail it over the cubicle wall at me.