Tuesday, June 14, 2005

When Ya Gotta Go

I was jaywalking, as I always do, from the parking lot to my work. I really had to pee so I was hastily dodging cars in an effort to quickly get upstairs. As I danced a little two-stepped by the island between the lanes of traffic, a woman driving a big SUV slowed and seemed to be waiting for me to walk in front of her. I gestured for her to continue and not to wait for me. Her window was down and she leaned out of it to say, "You know, crosswalks are a wonderful thing." To which I sarcastically replied with enthusiasm, "I know! Aren't they?!" And as she turned her car, illegally, to make a u-turn, I added, "And YOU are making an illegal u-turn." You could almost hear the "tsk tsk" in my voice.

And then I darted like Frogger through the traffic and raced up to the bathroom.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i jaywalk that corner twice every day...three times if i can manage it. i also carry eggs in my purse for rude-ass people like that.

- j.