Thursday, June 16, 2005

Wedding Woes

I was on a mad hunt for the perfect wedding gift for my friends Amy and Jeff. I didn't want to just click on their Target registry and get them any ol' thing. They are special and unique and I wanted their gift from me to reflect that. Plus, why go spending $50 on something they won't remember you gave them? "Oh, this glass pitcher? I don't know who gave this to us." Yeah, me no likey that scenario.

And yes, I have an overwhelming need to stand out and be important. I admit it.

I decided to check out this great local store called Best of Everything...and they aren't kidding- they do have the best of everything. Really cool cards, jewelry, linens and housewares. A bunch of one-of-a-kind stuff. Even though I had spent too much time getting my hair colored (3 hours) and getting a sandwich because I never ate lunch (it was 3pm), I still stopped into the store. Of course, I found the perfect thing but was rushed for time after all that hair coloring and sandwhich ordering. I had a meeting in 2 minutes. I figured I could swing back by after work and buy my perfect, affordable, artsy and functional wedding gift.

I was wrong. Wouldn't you know it? Someone had bought it five bloody minutes before I went back in! Rrrrr!

Entirely disappointed, I am now in a mad rush to find another perfect, special, unique gift by tomorrow. The likelihood of this happening is pretty slim. How bad is it to send a gift 2 months after the wedding? Hmmmm. Amy is the most understanding person in the universe (well, she and Marnacakes are in stiff competition) so if it was late, she wouldn't hold it against me. I think.

And then there is the issue of the wedding outfit. I hate clothes shopping. You'd probably think I am the kind of girl who loves it but I don't. Chubbettes have limited clothing options, particularly when it comes to dressing up. It fills me with such dread, you'd think I was going swimsuit shopping. I managed to get a new top to pair with some nice pants I have. The shirt is sleeveless. I don't know why all the clothes right now don't have sleeves. I am one of those arm-a-phobic girls. I might flash a whole lotta cleavage but baring my arms in public is not my thing. But I will brave it for the sake of being stylish.

I did, however, find the cutest pair of shoes and they were 40% off. Sometimes there is a happy ending.



Bob Merrick said...

You have one year to buy a wedding guft and still be considered in good taste...

Anonymous said...

Yes but by then no one cares!

The shoes made up for the bad luck with the gift. They are so "Sex in the City"!

Jenny said...

cute shoes!

kim e said...

CUTE shoes! I feel your pain with the arm thing...I have sausage arms and no one needs to see that. I'm sure it's all in your head (and mine) so go for it.

And I agree, you have a whole year to send a gift but I personally wouldn't wait more than a month or two. You have a little breathing room either way.

Have fun at the wedding!