Friday, June 17, 2005

The 2nd of 4

I get like this sometimes. I complain when my life feels slow and my social calendar seems empty. That saying, "careful what you wish for" rings true too often in my life. I'm looking at the weeks ahead and my eyes go blurry from the mountain of activity sketched out in little boxes from here to August. And now I feel overwhelmed. And tired before it has really all began. Does nothing please me? (Rolling my eyes at myself) I hope I am not turning into an old curmudgeon. Curmudgeon's aren't cute at all.

This weekend is the second of four weddings I will be attending this year. (F-O-U-R!) Again, I'm going solo. Hopefully there will be plenty of people my age in attendance who also don't have dates so I can mix and mingle. I'm going to flutter my social butterfly wings and have a good time. Amy, the bride to be, is like a mini-Martha Stewart when it comes to throwing a party (but a whole lot more loose and fun and without a prison record) so this is bound to be one hell of a celebration. Plus, my sweet sis will be there as the photographer. It is always good times with her around.

Now, off to tackle that extensive To Do list...

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