Sunday, June 19, 2005

Remembering You

Dear Dad,

Yesterday, as I watched my friend walk down the aisle with her father, I thought of you. I thought of your absence and of the life you lived.

I remember your hands. They were big and smelled of old tabacco. Your eyes were a gray blue and your skin was always tanned. You grew thin and frail in your final years but I can remember you strong, in your power suit, worn out from a day at the office. I can see you now, washing the cars in the driveway on a Sunday afternoon, getting up at 4am for quiet time with the morning paper and a cup of black coffee and then years later, walking with your cane to the bus stop when the blindness took hold. You liked plain, old fashioned donuts, football and pork rinds, putzing around the garage, and Frank Sinatra. You taught me how to dance on your toes. When someone would crank call us, you were fond of saying, "Stick it in your ear buddy!" as if that was some perfect comeback line. Your deep voice was more imposing than your stature and your sense of humor was bigger than both. You were not a man of many words but you always told me I am beautiful.

I remember you, Dad. I remember you strong.

I love you and miss you.

Happy Father's Day.


romy said...

i just came here through jules expecting an entry about freaky rubber finger puppets. instead, i find myself weeping after reading your lovely tribute.

thank you for this beautiful, beautiful post.

Jenny said...

as many years i have known you, i didn't know half the things you wrote. what an honor it is to share in those sweet and funny moments with you and your dad. you, too, are strong and i think he had a part in that :).
and...thank you for the beautiful post.

Anonymous said...

I am crying and I am sitting at my desk on a Monday morning! I am so blown away by the beautiful tribute to your dad. You have such a wonderful way of putting your feelings into words. The memories are fond ones and those are the only ones we should hold on to. I know you miss him, I do too.
We were lucky to have him for as long as we did.
I love you,

Miss Bliss said...

That was absolutely beautiful.