Sunday, May 29, 2005

Just One of Those Days

Day four of head cold. Went entire day without napping. Spent time with JB, Supple & Shocka: chai teas, a latte & chocolate croissants at Kelly's. A windy beach day with sorrid stories of puking (you had to be there. . .or be glad you weren't). Window shopping for kitties. Planting dahlias. Tears of frustration, sadness (not mine). Listening for more than what is being said. Pizza My Heart. Shared family dramas. The movie Saw (creepy). Missing someone I don't know well enough to be missing (but still, that's how I feel). I've made progress: I am now observing the mental merry-go-round but am no longer riding on it. Baby steps. Meditating on a dream. 19 minutes til the end of today. One dose of TheraFlu and a fresh clean sheets to huddle beneath. Goodnight.

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