Monday, May 30, 2005

My Arms Are Open, Wide

All around me friends are experiencing heartbreak, confusion, sorrow. It's times like these that friendships are tested. In a myriad of ways I am asked: How will you show up for me? Will you lend an ear, a shoulder, some sage advice? Can you help me through this? Can you remind me why I am lovable?

And so I make myself available to them. It doesn't matter what time it is or if I am in the middle of something else. These are my dearest loves, my sweet friends. They prop me up when I feel weak and I am honored they call me, stop by, or send an email to me in their time of crisis. . . of all the people in the universe that they reach out to me. It may seem weird to feel blessed in such a time of turmoil but I do. Sincerely, I do. It takes me outside of myself, draws my attention from my over-active mind that whirls with the what ifs and whys to something bigger than myself. It gives me a purpose other than living for me.

And I am reminded that we are all struggling to get it right, to find our path, to find love in all its nuances. And we need each other.


Anonymous said...

beautifully expressed.

Jenny said...

and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for you and your friendship.

i always know you will listen to me ramble about my problems and issues, even if you have heard them a hundred times. you always show up for me and for that i am so grateful. you are such a blessing.