Thursday, April 28, 2005

U & I, Etc.

My ergonomic keyboard has two loose letters, the "U" and the "I" and sometimes when I get into a typing frenzy, they fly off. They remind me of a child's teeth right before they fall out. The U and the ironic.

I am really dying to say to someone: "Lately, your lack of self-esteem is just good common sense." It is so mean and so perfect all at once. I have yet to find a worthy candidate.

I leave tomorrow for the land of plastic, shallow people (otherwise known as LA). Luckily, I will be surrounded by non-plastic/shallow people. I can't wait to see Katie rock the house. Plus, it has been ages since I spent some QT with the Tomato. I bet we won't even fight; we are getting so gosh darn grown up. Not to mention the fact that I get to meet Richard Simmons. Dokie is jealous cuz she has always liked his hair. I personally am a fan of his fashion style. Wouldn't it be weird to see him in a suit? No, not his birthday suit ding-dongs! (Mmmm ding dongs....)

I promise to return with photos for your viewing pleasure. Oh! And then, if I get this roll of film developed that means you get to see the picture of the caterpillar taking a crap on my leg (literally!). You think I am kidding but, alas, I am not. I am still flabbergasted. Stay tuned.

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