Saturday, April 02, 2005

Three in One

Today's been one helluva day, more like 3 days in the span of one.

Wake before the alarm at 6am to prepare for the AIDS Walk. Volunteers eventually show up at the park. Phew. After calling every number I could possibly find, we finally get electricity access in the nick of time. Phew again. Less walkers show than last year but the crowd seems more energetic. Post-recount seems we made a whopping $14,648.10 before expenses. This makes me happy. I feel successful.

Jet home from the Walk to gussy myself up for my dear friend Rita's wedding. Make it to the ceremony with a minute to spare. It feels weird to go to a wedding alone and I feel a little out of place. It doesn't really matter though. Rita & Michael radiate love. They inspire me. I want someone to look at me that way someday. Rita has been my mentor, surrogate big sister and friend for 10 years now. I tear up seeing her so happy. I take pictures of them dancing and when Rita cries at the toasts. Michael, with his arm around her, gives her a squeeze and kisses her forehead. They deserve each other, in the most sentimental and perfect way.

Evening: After some down time and a semi-nap, I've sufficiently recharged my battery for Sami's surprise party. I've promised Hummingbird I would attend. JB, my surrogate boyfriend, accompanies me. I've wanted him to meet Sami & Hummingbird for some time. They are all such stellar people, I could see them all getting along famously. They live up in the woods in Felton. We managed to park along the narrow, dimly lit street and find our way to the house. Upon our departure though, in a rum cake stupor, we mistakenly walked past our car. It was so flippin' dark out there we were squinting to make out shapes. JB was convinced our car was parked to the left of us and we reached out tentatively with our palms outstretched hoping to cop a feel of a vehicle but we didn't want to reach too far in case we might drop off into a ravine or something. I become such a wimp in the dark. Luckily I had JB with me or might still be out there. Thanks JB! Forgive me for saying that it's lucky you are such a nice guy cuz you could be mistaken for a sleeze. And I don't mind at all that you had to take a peek at my wonder bra. It sure does wonders alright. ;)

My bed beckons. Goodnight my dears.

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