Monday, April 04, 2005

My Weekend in Snapshots

It was just me & the ducks at San Lorenzo Park at 7am, pre-AIDS Walk set up. Oh and by the way, the sorority girls miscounted the money that day and it turns out we barely made $10,000, not the previously reported $14,000+. Now I am in a bad mood! I am going to visit my duck friends and maybe they will cheer me up. Posted by Hello

My new friend Audrey. She looked like a princess at the wedding but she was really just a flower girl. Posted by Hello

Jonesy & Hummingbird at Sami's surprise party. We must have 20 pictures of us posing like this. I love her. Posted by Hello

Dokey at Nisene Marks. We hiked. It was pretty. Sister time is fun. She's effortlessly adorable, don't you agree? Posted by Hello

Um, I'm full. Vallartas is delicious. Oh and I heart root beer. Posted by Hello

I get to hang out with the kool kids. It's kinda awesome. (Pictured here: Robb, Meagan, and Mikey) Posted by Hello


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what's with the parenthesis? was that supposed to be a face? please resubmit.

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and what does that mean? can you expand on that anonymous? do you have other symbols to demonstrate your feelings?

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Fun pictures of a fun weekend!!!!
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