Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Multiple Thoughts

My "Cosmic Tidbit" of the day had a spelling error. Can you believe the proofreading incompetence? Look:

The Sun affects our ego nature. When in Aries like now, everyone yrnfd to move energetically forward. The Sun's harmony with Neptune, planet of dreams and goals, amplifies everyone's energy with confidence.

What kind of word is "yrnfd"?? Talk about shoddy work! And besides, that horoscope is a bunch of bullfluff (yes, I made that word up). Ok, well the part about ego rings true. Why does my damn ego have to be in charge all the time and make poor decisions? I am trying so dilligently to press the pause button on my ego-machine but I think it might be broken. She is one fiesty bitch I tell ya. Good thing I know self-defense.

Supple and Meagan and I went for our training walk on West Cliff. Then we made some good grub with Mikey and watched American Idol (the theme was musicals, I was tortured) and House, drank good wine and ran over to Marianne's for ice cream. Yum! I slept fitfully though. I think it was the sugar and the alcohol. I woke up many times, each time thinking I needed to write something down on a list. By 7am, I had quite a running To Do List etched in my brain. But it was weird stuff that doesn't need my immediate attention. Does that ever happen to you? Strange.

And today, every time I dial a phone number, it has been either incorrect or not functioning. Maybe that grammatical error in my "cosmic tidbit" is an ominous metaphor for other mishaps occurring around me? I've also been very paranoid lately about finding spiders in my bed. Granted, I have yet to see one in there but you know how when you get a thought into your head, it can magnify and as you lay there trying to fall asleep, all you feel are supposed bugs crawling on you? Ok, well that happens to me far too often. So now, before climbing into bed each nite, I have flung my sheets back to check for creepy crawly bugs. Does that make me a girly-wimp?

12 days until my birthday!


Anonymous said...

I'm writing to tell you I have nothing to say.


ps: lift this for a secret message.

Sizzle said...

hee hee.
tag. you are it.