Thursday, April 07, 2005

50 Things I Love

1. finishing a crossword in its entirety
2. laughing until i am doubled over
3. dancing in the aisles at the supermarket
4. correcting people's spelling
5. reading books so good i wish the characters were my friends
6. surprising people with cards in the mail
7. the way my dog's feet smell oddly of popcorn
8. swing sets
9. unexpected flowers
10. waffles with fresh fruit & whipped cream
11. e.e. cummings poetry
12. tea with sugar and milk
13. windy nights where the windchimes play
14. sandalwood candles
15. good strong hugs
16. walking along the ocean
17. reading bedtime stories to kids
18. singing in the car at the top of my lungs
19. a bottle of good red wine and the whole night ahead of us
20. sitting on the porch just thinking
21. my mom's birdy singing voice
22. my sister's throw-back-her-head laugh
23. the way mikey spoils our dog, Lou
24. impromptu slow dancing
25. unagi sushi
26. the saxophone
27. chet baker singing "come rain or come shine"
28. the fog rolling in
29. vodka tonics with double lime
30. journaling
31. my thinking tree
32. a good cry
33. the way the tomato is always right
34. remembering dancing to frank sinatra on my dad's toes
35. sleeping in fresh-out-of-the-dryer sheets
36. jb's chivalry
37. knee-weakening kisses
38. ella's scat & etta's growl
39. winks across the room
40. the way jenny two times can never find her keys
41. the smell of jasmine
42. supple's sassy comebacks
43. impromptu breakdancing
44. freckles in the summer
45. hillz infinite wisdom
46. believing in myself
47. hummingbird's fiesty brilliance
48. pink pepper perfume
49. sunlight through the trees
50. mae west's sultry bawdiness

What do you love?


Bob Merrick said...
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Bob Merrick said...

You are a brilliant, brilliant woman. That number 33 is so spot on that I may dare call you a genius!


Anonymous said...


Sizzle said...

i am an egomaniac? or are you talking to the tomato? either way, you'd better watch your tongue anonymous person.

Anonymous said...

without question...#18, #26, #38, #50


Anonymous said...

what I love is you! and your ability to put your thoughts in print so beautifully.
check my spelling please,