Friday, April 01, 2005


Some of the following has occurred...but which are untruths?
* I cut off all my hair.
* I was brutally honest with my boss about his unprofessionalism.
* I registered for the Wharf to Wharf.
* I booty called an old flame.

Quote for the day:

Due to circumstances
beyond my control,
I am master of my fate
and captain of my soul.


Bob Merrick said...

I am really hoping your hair is still long and you didn't booty call any old ashes!

Anonymous said...

i cross my fingers for #2

- j

Sizzle said...

number two is indeed a truth.

Anonymous said...

good job about number two, I want to hear all about it!
i registered too for the w2w!

Sizzle said...

has anyone ever known me to booty call anyone? let's get real kids. of course the 4th is an untruth.