Thursday, March 31, 2005

Ms. Sizzle Babysits

I was reminded of the goodness of people last night while I babysat for five of my friends' nieces & nephews ranging in age from 7 year old twins to 13 years old. While their parents were there, they were glued to Mulan 2 and barely gave me a look but within 5 minutes of their parents leaving, those kids were dog-piling me and laughing their asses off. I can't remember the last time I was dog-piled. I tried tickling them and playing dead but nothing could dissuade them from their task so I just let them have their fun.

We played "monkey in the middle" and shot off nerf rockets from the balcony (unfortunately we lost one over the fence to Nate's over-exuberance), ate some cold pizza and watched "Forrest Gump" while playing Dogopoly (think Monopoly but with dogs- who knew?!). In their own unique way, each kid vied for my attention and at some point wanted to sit on my lap or next to me. Who knew I was such a kid magnet? When the parents finally returned 3 hours later, two of them were perched on my lap watching "Yellow Submarine". When it came time for me to go, Audrey the 11 year old, clung to my ankle in an attempt to keep me from leaving. After promising that I would see her Saturday at (their aunt) my friend Rita's wedding, I was released...but just barely. Kids are cool. They are so sweet and trusting. I wish that innocence and wonder could stay with us through adulthood.

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