Monday, April 18, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my actual birthday but Saturday felt more like it with all the surprises and celebration. There will be photos of that fun tomorrow. Today, I am lounging, recovering, resting and well, doing some laundry and dishes even though I probably shouldn't. I am still so incredibly overwhelmed by my loved ones. I am walking around feeling really lucky.

I remember, as a kid, my mom coming into my room to wake me on my birthday singing "Happy Birthday" in her birdy singing voice as she opened the blinds. Then she'd make me pancakes and heat the syrup and everything and I didn't have to do any chores, not even make my bed. It was fantastic. I definitely have to work on finding a hubba hubba man to make me breakfast in bed on my birthday. Does such a man exist? I sure hope so! ;)

Not only do I have fabulous friends, but they are clever and generous to boot. You know that soda company called "Jones Soda"? Well, dear Duckie, that clever lad, had them make up a special batch with MY picture on it! And it was root beer (my favorite) no less!! And on the back of the bottle label it says:

"Chances are you've never met anyone quite like Sizzle. Sultry, sassy, and slightly neurotic, Miss Sizzle is perfectly imperfect-with style and beauty all her own. Commemorating her 32nd birthday, this limited edition bottle of Jones Soda is as original as Miss Sizzle herself. Have you met Miss Sizzle?"

So damn original and touching that gift idea. And Jenny Two Times got me a massage with my favorite massage therapist. And Hillz treated me to mani/pedis even after she flew herself out from Seattle. My friends are kick ass in a million ways.

Today there is a beautiful clear sky, the smell of the ocean, the company of my sweet dog and 32 years of memories to keep my mind occupied. It is a full day. I am so thankful for the amazing life I have.


Anonymous said...

And I am so thankful for you! 32 years ago at 9:44 in the morning I was giving birth to you at Kaiser Hospital in Santa Clara. You were 7 Ibs. 14oz. 18 inches long. (short for babies are usually 20/21 inches) You were a breach baby so (I used to call you BABA because you had both elbows sticking out-you like a line backer) I had a c-section. We were in the hospital 9 days instead of the usual 5, because I developed a staff (ok spellers) infection. When we finally came home your dad and grandma were there for the first week to take care of you.It was an amazing day - and you remained amazing for 32 years! And more to come I know! love m

Tonawanda Kardex said...

HB2U, babe. ;)