Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Portrait of a Weekend

Friday night. Duckie & Sizzle take on Mobo Sushi. Delicious as usual. How can that Corruptor Roll get better every damn time? Posted by Hello

Saturday morning. My breathtaking view on a long walk along West Cliff Drive. Posted by Hello

Saturday night. Homemade manicotti with JB & Supple. Posted by Hello

Sunday afternoon in Monterey. Happy Easter- bock bock! This is what the Jones Family calls "Lamb Cake"- a pound cake shaped like a lamb. Don't call PETA on me. Though I did Van Gogh it a couple hours later. That ear was scrumpdilliumptious! Posted by Hello

Two Pinkies are better than one. The Jones sisters get windblown on a blustery Easter Sunday at Asilomar. Posted by Hello

Run Oliver! Run! Thankfully, he did not tackle any small children or grannies. At least not that day. Posted by Hello

Monday morning. The San Lorenzo River rages after the night's storm. I walk past this river every day on my way to work. Posted by Hello


Bob Merrick said...

Those colors are unbelievable for a disposable camera!

I wrote more the last time, but I can't be bothered now...

But I do want to repeat that I did not know that was a lamb. I actually thought it was a fluffy white cat and daphne chomping into it like that was making me sick...

Sizzle said...

Like Steph would chomp into a kitty. She's like the Patron Saint of Kitties. The "lamb's wool" is really coconut. Yum!

Jenny said...

what about our fun times at the attic on friday night. i'm sure we have much to say about our super talker poetry dude.

Sizzle said...

of course there are things to be said about that but since i didn't get a pic from that nite that demonstrated the evening it isn't included. and since this is a "portrait of a weekend" and i don't have a portrait of it...you see where i am going with this?