Monday, March 28, 2005

Great Expectations

I had this fabulous idea to document my weekend in pictures rather than words. This would have been an easier undertaking if I had a digital camera. Instead, I took the Longs way home and bought a cheapy disposable which, as we speak, is getting processed onto a cd. So. . .the "Portrait of a Weekend" will just have to wait until Tuesday. I had a really great weekend full of fun times with friends & family. Spoken word poetry & tea. W. Cliff Drive on an early morning walk. Homemade dinner with JB & Supple. Lamb cake. Wind-blown frolicking at Asilomar. You'll see.

Here's something to occupy your starved for entertainment brains: The next installment of the Tomato's journey from flab to fab is out. Check out Love Handles. It will be a cleansing experience, guaranteed.

I feel like I talked a lot all weekend so today, I feel quiet. This usually doesn't last too long so enjoy it while you can. ;)

Today's song: "Almost Blue" sung by Diana Krall, written and originally performed by her husband, Elvis Costello.


Bob Merrick said...

Most important question of the week:


I have been dying to make it for so long, but the recipe is quite a feat... I was so proud of your mom for making it!

And thanks for the Love Handles plug! After that column, I need a good plug ;-)

Sizzle said...

Who are you kidding Tomato? You could always use a good plug. ;) Banana thing was very banana-y and the meringue was perfect. Way to go Mom!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sizzle,

Now that my shock and horror have been relieved, you may want to clarify what you mean by "Lamb Cake" before the Mutton Patrol sends PETA after you.


Sizzle said...

Dear Anonymous (who are you anyhow!?),
No need to alert the Mutton Patrol. You will soon see that Lamb Cake does not involve actual lambs. A picture is worth a thousand words...stay tuned for the visual any minute now. ;)