Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Let It In

I've had these two songs battling it out in my head the past few days. Their themes are similar which has got to mean something, right? I'm deep into the journey of letting go and letting in. And I am thinking plenty about trust and faith and love. And it feels good and free. . .

From "Where It Begins" (Martin Sexton)

. . . So I followed my angel down to the crazy river
Where I know the water is dirty and dark and it runs so cold
She told me
Cast out your will and then cut the line
With the trust of a child well I knew it would be all right
Even though I don't know
Where does it end
I don't even know
Where it begins
Oh where it begins
And I'm never quite sure
But I'll know in the end
Oh and she told me so
My angel told me so
And my angel
My pretty little angel she says
My love is the land and my dream is the sea
My faith is the mountain so strong and high. . .

From "All That We Let In" (Indigo Girls)

Dust in our eyes our own boots kicked up
Heartsick we nursed along the way we picked up
You may not see it when it's sticking to your skin
But we're better off for all that we let in. . .

. . I've passed the cemetery walk my dog down there
I read the names in stone and say a silent prayer
When I get home you're cooking supper on the stove
And the greatest gift of life is to know love

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