Sunday, February 20, 2005

Travels in Berkeley

This was the weekend of warehouse shopping. I can truthfully say, I am not cut out for crowds - moving along sans people-mover like a cow in a herd.. . it just isn't my bag. I have a warning for all of you non-Berkeley folk: Do not go to the Berkeley Bowl. That is, unless you have A LOT of time to kill and even more patience. My sis recommend this grocery store, referring to it as the "craziest grocery store in Berkeley." I beg to differ. It is more like the craziest fucked up grocery store in California! The long line just to PARK should have tipped me off but no, I figured there must be something worth seeing if so many people wanted to wait to get in there. Turns out, there are a lot of people who are into hell. Battling masses of people to check out golden beets or the olive bar just seems like a waste of time to me. There were at least 15 registers going and each had a line of 12 people deep. Can I please get that hour of my life back? I coulda washed my hair or stared at my navel for christsakes.

I did, however, get some cute, though fairly unnecessary, things at IKEA. On the way, Supple pointed out an abandoned restaurant. The sign said- "Best Donuts Sandwiches"- we had a jolly good time making up concotions for their menu: Pastrami on a Maple Bar, Turkey & Cheese, extra mustard on a Glazed Twist. . .you get the drift. We crack ourselves up. Oh shuddup- you had to be there. :)

I had a great evening last night with Supple and her main squeeze at Marnacakes birthday party. We made sushi, ate sushi, drank sake and then more sake. Marnacakes made us play charades. It was a riot. I got to act out "lap dance" using Supple as my prop (I know, that is cheating in charades but shhhh). The topic of merkins came up. Everyone know what a merkin is? Well, shame on you. Or shame on us for using that term more times than one ever should in the span of an evening. If you dare, check this out to find out more in the privacy of your own home/cubicle.

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I'm growing weary of being such a grumpy lonesome so I've compiled a list of things that made me happy today.

Waking up to cats warming my feet.
A good book and a comfortable bed.
Friends who make me laugh.
Root beer with crushed ice.
My converse.
Hot showers.
Madeleine Peyroux's album "Careless Love."

What made you happy today?


hummingbird said...

Hmmm... I got to have leftover ratatouille for breakfast, I actually SLEPT TILL NINE!!, I get to spend time writing to my favorite girl in the world, and dammit, the sun is finally out. What's not to be happy about? I've finally got around to catching up on your life and I'm glad your vision-impaired date went well :) and I think you should know that I have never been to the Berkeley Bowl, but personally I think Rainbow Foods in SF tops of the list of raddest grocery store in the world. OR at least my world. Hey, guess what else I'm happy about? Next weekend I get to sit at a table with the Development Director of SCAP? Cause I'm special and I have connections. Bet you can't top THAT!!

loveyouloveyouloveyou!! HB

Sizzle said...

You ARE special, connected or not. And I can't wait to enjoy your company for the evening as you are super at having a good time and totally easy on the eyes. Hee hee.

loveloveloveyou, your jonesy