Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Searching for Alignment

"Firmly quash any inclinations you have toward selfishness this weekend; it's only by putting your own interests aside that your heart will (paradoxically, beautifully) get ahead." That is part of the weekly horoscope I received today. Interesting because I was just thinking this very thing. Well, sort of. I was thinking about how if your head and your heart aren't in alignment/agreement, how can you be sure you are accomplishing what you need to accomplish or living the life you are supposed to? Until you get your heart and your head in the same space, things are sure to feel off, out of whack, frustrating or sad. And you have to be clear about your intent in situations. Am I doing this because it serves me but am acting like I am doing it because it serves others? Am I too attached to the outcome of this situation? Am I trying to control it or do I trust it will work out as it should? These are things I wonder and something I'm working on internally.

It is really warm here. Where did the rain go? The sun is shining and people are out on the benches along Pacific Avenue soaking up the rays. I just bought a bunch of cards. I love cards. I have four birthdays of loved ones this week, my Pisces friends. Those dear fishies- love you Em, Aim, Marnacakes & Jas. Don't you think that getting a card in the mail, expected or unexpected, is one of the best things ever? I do. I'm also happy about a couple other things like the fact that people are actually buying tickets to the Gala this Sunday (phew), that I get to listen to my music loud because my officemate is out this week (Martin Sexton is my current obsession), that cheese is super yummy, and my hair looks pretty darn good today (if I do say so myself). See, life isn't so bad afterall...just depends on how you are looking at it.

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