Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I'm in a bad way today. I don't know what started this mood, maybe I woke up in it? Things just aren't going my way and I am irritated at everything. The decorations I ordered from that stupid company, Shindigz (what kind of name is that?!), were back ordered and now it turns out there is no way it is arriving in time for my event. Argh! So now I have to make a Hollywood Hills out of cardboard, black paint and big white letters or else there will be a big, blank, boring white wall as the backdrop for the stage. That just won't do. At least when I went to check out the cable hook up it worked. A live telecast WILL happen. Phew.

We got some really bad press today in the local rag, The Metro. Stupid controversy. I thought it was over but then this four page article, completely biased (and um, not in our direction) comes out. It's such old news (like by 2 months) but still, it isn't good for the agency. I am trying to have compassion for the people who were laid off but they are being such spiteful assholes that I am really, really struggling. I don't like thinking badly of people, even those jerks who don't deserve it. Call it a karma thing. Call it naivety. Whatever it is. . .I try to treat people the way I would want to be treated. I am thinking I might have to rethink this golden rule of mine though. Maybe put in a clause that specifies that if people are being spiteful assholes, they aren't necessarily deserving of my niceness.

Why is it so hard for people to be kind to one another? Why does my car have to be such a piece of shit? Why am I so damn cranky?

Sorry for the negativity. Hopefully, tomorrow, we will resume our regular programming. I have no happy thoughts to share today. :(

Addendum: (10:09pm) Jenny Two Times took me to sushi. She is the best. Nothing like good conversation, sake and some unagi to cheer this girl up. Thanks Jen! XOXO. Oh and that Vasquez boy on AI is yummy. He cheers me up too. Hee hee.

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