Thursday, February 17, 2005

Apparatus & Gingivitis

Do you have certain words that you like to say? I do. I was talking with my new friend Craig last night and his word is "tasty." I am partial to "apparatus" and "gingivitis" (thankfully, I don't have that!). A good source tells me that our local Santa Cruz celebrity, Lex van den Berghe (from Survivor fame) likes to say things are "sexy" or "not sexy." My friend Ben has a distinct way of saying, "That's hot." It is more like, "That's hawwwwt" in this low voice, which for Ben, is sort of a stretch. Ben wears a dress better than most women, particularly pink sequin dresses. We like to say "That's hawwwt!" over and over to annoy the Tomato. ;)

My good friend Duckie took me out to breakfast this morning. Poor guy, he had to get his ass up really early to dine with me even though he doesn't have to work until this afternoon. A testament to true friendship or an addiction to diner coffee and hash browns- you be the judge. Thanks for the grub Duckman!

Other good news- we got an article in TWO papers today about the upcoming event I'm planning (Academy Awards Gala). How swell is that? Maybe people will actually buy tickets! That would be fab, truly, truly fab. I'm even quoted, like I know what I am talking about or something. I would link it here for you to read but it seems they don't have it in the on line addition. That is poop.

Oh and my "blind date" (which wasn't really blind since we had both seen pictures of one another on line, thanks to modern technology) was a lot of fun. I think I made a new friend which is never a bad thing. . .especially one that is interesting- he sews, plays the trumpet and, I kid you not, does the BEST imitation of Louis Armstrong singing. I had my peeps over last night for some AI. Supple and her main squeeze got me some Pad Thai (yum!) and JB brought us all some Marianne's ice cream (double yum!). The company was better than the show. It always is. I can't wait for the three day weekend. I need me some sleep!


Tonawanda Kardex said...

Syphillis is a favorite word of mine. ;)

B-Jo (like J-Lo) said...

For the record, my favorie word to say is "Miercoles". I just like the way it rolls off the tongue. But I DO love the way Shaunessy giggles when I say, "That's Hawwwt!"

hummingbird said...

I like "ostensibly."