Tuesday, December 19, 2006

You Can Count On Me

. . . to give you a big hug when I meet you.

. . .to get distracted while cooking and burn something.

. . .to take the lead when it involves planning.

. . .to remember your birthday (and maybe call and sing to you).

. . .to have numerous lists and lists about lists I should make.

. . .to give a person multiple chances to redeem him/herself (for better or worse, I do this).

. . .to not be able to sit still and watch tv or a movie unless someone is holding my hand or I am knitting.

. . .to be wearing some form of the color pink.

. . .to ease the tension with a joke ("Two peanuts were walking down the street. One was a salted.")

. . .to overthink my overthinking.

. . .to listen.

. . .to be drinking tea.

. . .to stop and pet a dog or cat.

. . .to hold the door for you, even if I don't know you.

. . .to flip you off if you cut me off.

. . .to be sing along to really bad songs.

. . .to answer your email faster than I return your phone call.

. . .to tell you how I feel, eventually.

. . .to always type "pick" rather than "choose" or "chose" because I can't for the life of me remember which is which.

. . .to have my mind in the gutter.

. . .to know how to spell the word you can't spell.

. . .to remember your favorite cookie or that you are allergic to walnuts or you love the color red.

. . .to get the job done.

. . .to make it painfully obvious if I am mad or hurt (I'm working on my approach with this one).

. . .to be impatient.

. . .to go "awww" over sappy romantical things.

. . .to not be properly dressed when the storm hits.

. . .to bite my nails.

. . .to show up on time.

. . .to worry if you like me or not.

. . .to be awake and fairly alert before 7am.

. . .to send you something in the mail.

. . .to believe in you.

. . .to be a woman of my word.


alissa said...

And this my friend, is why I adore you.

Mrs. Ca said...

Great list :)

Egan said...

Hang lose Ms. Sizzle because I'm at a loose for words. (purposely mixed those italicized words).

So many of these things on your "little" list could be on mine, especially the pink clothing. Have a good one.

Traveling Chica said...

I was thinking that a lot of them could be mine, except the pink clothing, so Egan can have that. ;)

Jenny said...

and this is why i love you big.


Melissa said...

This is just a glimmer of all the brilliant things that make you the Sizzle.

gorillabuns said...

i can validate your wonderfulness in sending "special gifts" in the mail.

you are quite a special person.

Brookelina said...

I want to be your friend!

kapgar said...

Just know when your mind is in the gutter, it's in (arguably) good company... mine. ;-)

BullysE said...

I like this...and I guess all those things are what makes us like you, too!

justrun said...

Nice, very nice. :)

diane said...

I like this. I like this a lots. :-)

Dustin said...

". . .to flip you off if you cut me off."

I see you've adjusted to Seattle nicely. =)

Elaine said...

Very nice! You seem to know yourself well.

Becky said...

No wonder you have so many friends:)

Karl said...

You can count on me to wanna watch movies with you.

Cuz, you know, I like women who knit.

Claire said...

I flip off jerk drivers too, and many other things on your list, but keeping my word- that's key.

I can't say I always do... your subsequent post resonates with this one for me. Sometimes I lower myself to the common denominator of friends who've not kept their word so their behavior won't bother me so much. It kind of bums me out when I take this approach though. Alternatively, I don't want to be some high horsed self-righteous person either. Blah.