Friday, July 07, 2006

Exhibit B

This is the front of my house. I did not use trick photography to capture this picture. For serious. You see how the right side of the bay window is closer to sidewalk. No, we are not on a hill or slant. It's crooked!

I checked underneath the oven. It's as level as it can be in a crooked floored house. I don't mind it. It kind of adds charm. Kevin- I'll find a marble, perform the test and get back to you.

I have a job interview today. It's for a low paying temporary job but it's something. I am mostly going to meet people at this agency as I would be interested in working for them permanently. I figure it can't hurt to network, practice my interviewing skills and check out the organization. Maybe I will end up volunteering there instead. Who knows. I spent most of yesterday on the job hunt. I applied for 8 jobs total. Yay me! Now if any of them would That'd be great.

I'm not so good just sitting around even though after the last few months of work and saying good-bye, I need some serious down time. Money woes worry me. I have plenty and could conceivably live without a job until mid-August but I don't want to. I want to get a routine, meet people, commit myself to something (gasp). It'd be nice to have a cushion of cash to fall back on or use for travel.

It's weird. I know I live here in Seattle but it isn't 100% real yet. It hasn't even been a full week (that's tomorrow). On a walk yesterday with my sister she said, "I keep waiting for you to leave." (She didn't mean it in that way. She didn't!) I do too. I keep feeling like this is some extend-a vacation. Once I get a job it will feel more real. And when my pictures are up on the wall. And I have my first visitor. I keep thinking I should be panicking, crying my eyes out, feeling depressed. . . so far none of that is happening. Sure, there is an underlying anxiety and sadness but it isn't pervasive or overwhelming. I definitely miss my friends and the smell of the ocean. Nothing like the smell of the ocean.


JustRun said...

I like the crooked house. It's cute and storybook-like.

I'm glad the move is settling peacefully for you. I think that is a good sign.

I'll visit you! I'll be in Seattle in September!

Bob Merrick said...
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Mr_Rodacre said...

I know when I first saw it, it reminded me of the Mystery Spot here in SC! If the job thing doesn't work out you can always charge admission and sell bumper stickers... You could call it something catchy like, "Sizzle's Slanty Shanty"

I would be more than happy to conduct tours:

"Be amazed as I demonstrate the floor is completely level... and watch as the egg mysteriously slides downward in the pan! How is this possible? Experts say it's because of a gravity vortex in this very apartment! While some believe there are spiritual forces at work!"

I would work for cheap, too. =)

OT said...

...or the sound of the waves in November as they crash on the jetty off of 4th avenue, or the smell of a bonfire on the beach at night, or the sound of the seals as they bark under the wharf, or the smell of the the redwood needels after a hard rain,, I miss Santa Cruz.

snackiepoo said...

Mmmmm, I would miss the ocean too but if I have to leave here, I hope our next pit stop in life is Seattle and all of its charms. Speaking of, your crooked house IS charming.

Kathryn said...

Hey girlfriend! Long time, but I've been keeping up with you.

Seattle is one of my favorite cities, and you are going to rock the job scene - seriously.

You've probably already been, but just in case - Bainbridge is really awesome. I love it there!

Can't wait to hear all of your great stories!

Claire said...

I'm glad to hear you're settling in and am totally impressed with your job hunting initiative. Good luck!

amy said...

Did you see the broom in the sky tonight? My sis landed in your fair city. Her home. Enjoy. Relax. Be free. Be worry free. Be brave. Relax. Sleep. Nap. Get to know the city. Talk to strangers. Kind ones. Join a gym. You will be fine. But stay away from the lady on the broom. My sis.

Nihilistic said...

Our apartment is crooked also...we had to put pieces of wood on the right side of the bed so that we wouldn't roll out of it! My eggs do the same thing!

question girl said...

my parents live in a house that is more than 100 years old.. there isn't a straigt wall, a flat floor, or a square doorframe. It made decorating & cooking hell.

i now live in a perfectly cornered, flat walled apartment, perfectly decorated (well, w/in my limited financial means) and i hate it

Bird said...

I love the Sizzle's Slanty Shanty idea. I grew up in a house that was built in 1986 and went through both SF earthquakes and everything but I don't remember it being slanty. I think your place has more character. And of course, if anyone can even it out, you're the girl for the job.

ocg said...

I was just thinking the other day about how much I missed the smell of the ocean. Nothing like smelling the salty air and knowing you're home.

Do you have a scheduled guest to visit, or may I have the chance to pop your "guest" cherry?

Krisco said...

That's too funny. About your house being crooked, I mean. I did think your house was on a hill when I looked at that picture. Oh well, bully for character!!

(And I'm glad you're calm, so far. Seattle looks beautiful, and it must be nice to be near family. I'm still vicariously and completely unwarrantedly - except as a loyal reader - proud of you. Good job!! : )