Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Pressure Mounts

I left my sister's apartment yesterday with high hopes. I had a file full of maps and listings and a positive attitude. I managed to get myself to my first appointment at a temp agency after I accidentally got on the freeway and had to call my sister in a panic about how to remedy the situation. I arrived 15 minutes late and that was only the beginning to my screwy day.

Side note: I apparently excel at Word but at Excel? I suck. BUT! I type 60 wpm with 98% accuracy. Go high school typing class!

My first appointment to view an apartment was on First Hill. I do not want to live on First Hill. The couple was very nice with their pit bull puppy in a cage and their punk rock clothes. I wish I could take the place off their hands but the lovely view of the freeway just doesn't say "home" to me.

I managed to arrive at my second appointment without getting lost. Bolstered by this new found navigation ability, I called the landlord to see if he could show it to me early, The conversation that followed could only be described as comical. My sister now refers to him as "The Dude" It went a bit like this: "Hey Evan, this is Sizzle. We were going to meet today at noon." "Awww dude, I thought that was tommmmmmmorrow. Man." "Oh, well that is ok. I can meet you tomorrow." "Cool. Awesome. Word." "Alright see you tomorrow." "Yeah." I felt like I was back home in Santa Cruz.

My third appointment stood me up even after I left a confirmation call and stood there for 40 minutes. I called 20 minutes into waiting and then as I left. She called me back later that night and gave me some lame excuse that someone with a phone number one digit off from mine called to cancel their appointment and she got confused. Great. Fucking fabulous. This was the one apartment I was excited about. That call pretty much set off my first crying jag.

Double B and Dokey (the bro-in-law and sis) spent over an hour driving me around Queen Anne to look at rentals. We stopped off to look at one but it was a "daylight basement" and I really can't get into the whole basement living thing. At least I've got a few more appointments lined up for today with The Dude, a couple of seemingly nice ladies and an open house. I hate open houses. They force you to be pushy and I loathe having to try to show up other people. Ugh. At least there are appointments and it is only Saturday. Maybe I won't lock myself in the bathroom crying today.


Paul said...

You know what's crazy? My sister just moved to Seattle this week and was looking for places to live as well.


Bone said...

Oh man, The Dude convo is hilarious. And I am sitting here trying to sound like what I imagined he sounded like out loud. To myself.