Thursday, June 01, 2006

Oh the Humanity!

I've been thinking a lot about my attributes- having to write cover letters will do that to a person. I know better than anyone that I can be stubborn, opinionated, brutally honest and a hot head. I also know that even in the midst of being the most stubborn and indignant version of myself, I always lead with my heart and think of the other person's feelings. I think that is why I make a good leader- because I try to identify with people and believe the best in them. When we start to think the worst of people before they have even shown it, that's our problem, not theirs. And that kind of thinking just exacerbates situations in the most negative way.

I haven't worked for a corporation. I did my time in retail and scooped a few cones but the bulk of my work experience is in social service at non-profits. If you haven't worked at one, let me tell you, they are a very different animal. And sometimes when models of leadership and "business" are adopted in the not for profit sector. . . it's like wearing a suit on casual Friday. It just doesn't fit. Something. . . is. . . not. . . quite. . . right. When you are working for the betterment of your community or striving to help others and you adopt cold business-like practices you fundamentally take the heart of the agency's mission right out of the equation. Or at least, that is what I have seen happen. I truly believe you can be professional and fair and ethical AND have a sense of humanity. I just don't see many agencies succeeding at this.

I don't care much for the way "everyone does it" because I have my own ideas and because, frankly, how successful is "everyone" at the way they do it? I hate that excuse for people remaining stuck in old patterns or being too lazy or scared to think outside the box. I look around and all I can think is that we've lost our heart. People are operating out of their fear. They are too in their heads and too out of touch with their humanity. Maybe if we all started treating people with dignity and respect and love we'd be breeding a whole new animal other than the angry, paranoid one that seems to be slumbering in us now.

I'm very frustrated and I wish I could be more frank. A situation has presented itself to me that needs to be dealt with - immediately. But I am being instructed otherwise. And I am making it known I will not go along with "everyone"- because when you know what the right thing to do is in your gut, you can't betray it. All this situation does for me (besides making me anxious and irritated) is drive home the point: I have outgrown this place.


JustRun said...

Some things come just when you need them, eh?

alissa said...

It's such a good thing that you're moving on! It sounds like you totally need a new environment. Spread the Sizzle love! Everyone can use a little bit. Seattle is SO lucky.

Girl From Ipanema said...

Forgive me for quoting the theme from TheJefferson's, but you're "MOVIN' ON UP...MOVIN' ON UP, TO THE EAST SIIIIDE...To a delux apartment in the skyyyy..."

It's good to grow out of places, instead of the other way around ;)

Nihilistic said...

I've never worked in the Non-profit sounds like you come in contact without a lot of moral obstacles...At least you know deep down what is right and stick to it! yay for you!!!

sue said...

I'm catching up... it certainly sounds like you are on the right track all the way around! Yes, you may have it all on your mind and haunting your dreams, but you are also being positive and productive and both of those things are great. Keep up the good mood and I'm sure just the right house/job/life will be waiting for you!!!

kapgar said...

Wow. Sounds like a heckuvan opportunity that has come up if I'm interpreting your words correctly.

So what's the countdown at now?

OT said...

I hate to tell you this, but the fact that the company is non-profit is irrelevant. I work for a large non-profit, and it behaves like a regular corporation. I think a corporation differentiates itself by how it is lead, and that is leader-dependent. Problem is, leaders for non-profits are often dictated by commitees and boards.

We recently had a leader handed his hat and ushered through the door. He was the best leader this place ever had, yet his philosophy differed so much from the core of the company, that he was ousted. Sad.

If you go your own way on this, I think you can probably count on going it alone as most folks are not prone to walking against the tide. I'm with you, though - I've done it before :-)

Bre said...

Ugh, I know that feeling all too well - and good for you for letting it known that you're not tolerating the BS. Some things truly are blessings in disguise.