Sunday, May 07, 2006

Thirty Birdy Party

I spent yesterday with one of my favorite people in the whole wide world: The Bird. It goes without saying that it was a most perfect day.

Shopping in the early morning for the food we spent all afternoon making in preparation for the party we threw that evening, I was reminded that Bird makes everything fun. Even when I had "choppers finger" after slicing and dicing countless organic veggies, I was still having a great time. Even when Bird's cheek inflamed red from rubbing jalepeno pepper accidentally right near her nose and I suggested she slather on some yogurt to cool the burn and she did- we were still having fun. Ok, maybe she was having slightly less fun with yogurt dripping off her face but still. . . she's a good sport about everything.

Bird has some truly wonderful friends- people that, over time, have become my friends as well. Like Rae Rae and Shaun. I adore them. Or the Ama, Bird's husband, who is probably the most socially conscious, politically involved and silly/fun/goofy man I've ever had the pleasure of calling friend. Watching Bird and Ama together, I almost think marriage could be a good thing. Almost.

I did get to try marriage out for about 10 minutes last night. While Bird made bread (she just has to have things her way, so we just let her because no one wants a squawking Bird on their hands), I got to wear her wedding band. I was surprised at my reaction. Man, I like the look of that band and the sparkly diamond. Hmmm, maybe I should find a fella to give me one of these.

As we roasted the Bird, the overwhelming theme was Bird Is Adored. She's the most positive, upbeat, active, engaged, intense, and honest person with so much integrity, heart and consciousness- I love her and so do many, many others. It wasn't just the wine talking either. We really, really mean it!

Happy Birdday!


Bre said...

See? Wearing engagement and wedding rings is quite fun!!

Happy Birthday, Bird!

JustRun said...

Isn't it funny what putting a ring on will do? You don't believe it until you see it.

Happy Birthday to your friend the Bird. You all really dress up for parties, dont you?! :-)

sandra said...

Sizz, you're birthday promoting for others...and I love it.

kapgar said...

Okay, I'm gonna ask... when you developed these nicknames for all your friends and family, did you consult with them and, perhaps, work collaboratively on them? Or did you just come up with a name and say, "sorry, you're stuck with it"? I have so few nicks for friends and family. Maybe I should start working on them for their privacy's sake.