Saturday, May 06, 2006

May I Admire You Again Today?

What else is there to do on a Friday night when WNTW is a repeat? Pop in an old favorite and have a Quote Off with Mr. Rodacre. He wasn't called Duckie in high school for nothing. And me? Well, I didn't beg my mother to fashion my 8th grade graduation dress after Andie's prom dress for nothing.

With bellies full of burritos and beers in hand, the Quote Off took off, each of us trying to out-quote the other. It was about 30 minutes into watching the flick that I realized: 1) man, I am OLD because this movie looks so dated and 2) Andrew McCarthy is the grossest kisser and 3) '80's fashion should really not be making a comeback and 4) at 33, I would much rather be Iona than Andie, any day.

Iona: Does he have... strong lips?
Andie: How can you tell?
Iona: Did you feel it in your knees?
Andie: I felt it everywhere.
Iona: Strong lips.
Iona: I know I'm old enough to be his mother, but when the Duck laid that kiss on me last night, I swear my thighs just went up in flames! He must practice on melons or something.

I think we tied in the Quote Off. Next we take on When Harry Met Sally. Oh yeah. It's gonna be the battle to end all battles.

And ladies? Here are some immortal words to live by:
Iona: Andie, hon. Listen, it's after 7:00. Don't waste good lip gloss.


JustRun said...

Nice. I just traveled back about fifteen years or so... and I'm SO jealous you had that dress! :)

Claire said...

You're so right. I'd rather be Iona now too.

Melissa said...

I love this whole genre of movies. I feel all angsty and slumily fashionable all over again. The one that got me the most though was Breakfast Club. I wanted to ease Judd Nelson's troubled pain with all the wisdom I held in Jr. High...


jeopardygirl said...

Sigh. I had a crush on Andrew McCarthy, even if he wasn't a good kisser. It was the eyes; those dewy, "why-don't-you-feel-the-same-way" expressive eyes.

BTW, I have to say I think he's not the grossest kisser. That honour goes to Patrick Swayze. He's either all stiff or all mushmouth. I can't watch Dirty Dancing anymore, because I feel like I need a face cloth after watching him kiss Jennifer Grey. Ugh.

Mr_Rodacre said...

and in case anyone was wondering:

Yes. I do practice on melons... or something... ;-)

Krisco said...

How I have missed Pretty in Pink all these years, I will never know.

In the meantime I know almost every line of Sixteen Candles verbatim (quote off, here I come...No more yanky my wanky!) and could still watch it again and again.

jeopardygirl said...

Krisco, you and me both. "Dong! Where is my automobile?" (car screeching noises) "Pish! Lake. Big Lake."

Aimee said...

Ohhh -- I LOVE Pretty in Pink / Sixteen Candles / When Harry Met Sally! About Last Night has great dialogue too. Why aren't there more movies like this??

One thing has always bothered me about Pretty in Pink, and maybe you die-hards can help me out... Is it just me, or does Andrew McCarthy have on a crappy bizarro wig at the end? It makes me crazy every time I see it!

sandra said...

I think When Harry Met Sally...Sizz, I can't even begin to pick a quote -- that's how much I adore it!

alissa said...

Evan still hasn't seen this movie! I'm putting it on our list of things to do this week stat!

Love the Quote Off - my sisters and I do that with Pretty Woman -

Vivian: "Can I call you Eddie?"

Edward: "Not if you expect me to answer."

kapgar said...

Now that sounds like fun!!!