Monday, May 15, 2006

Dream State

I am an early riser. Doesn't matter if I went to bed at 3am in a drunken haze, I will wake up at 7am without an alarm. It sucks because I have a horrible time going back to sleep. And when I do, I have these bizarre dreams.

Like today. I awoke at 7 without the alarm (unless you consider kitty purrs in your face an alarm). I got up, made tea, checked my email and returned to bed to read. I could afford a lazy morning because I worked Saturday facilitating a volunteer training. I've got some time to flex. So back in bed, snuggled with a cat on my belly and a book in hand, I'm feeling blissful. . .and then sleepy. I woke up an hour later, cat still tucked beside me, book splayed out near my open hand, startled.

During my sleep I experienced what can only be described as a blend of three movies: 1) some bad movie I saw on TV over the weekend where Kentucky in bred monster type people hacked up stranded travelers and kept their belongings in piles in their crumbling house, 2) Poseidon- mostly just the gang of characters who fight to get out of the sinking ship and 3) The Goonies- the part where Andie has to play the pipes of the bone organ to get the trap door to open so they can all escape the Fratellis and find One Eyed Willy's treasure ship (but before they have to walk the plank). And for some reason, at one point, I remember a tree branch scrapping my window but when I looked it appeared to be a long worm with one big eye reaching out towards me. Aaack!

The culmination of this discombobulated dream and the part at which I awoke was Mr. Rodacre* had to play some odd game of pinball in order to rescue our gang from the bad guys. In the pinball game the buttons manipulated scissors but instead of saving us, they were chopping up my left hand. I was yelling out "Mr. Rodacre!" in anguish.**

Then I woke up.

No more going back to sleep for me!

*Forgive him for being a hopeless blogger who never updates his site even though he has so much interesting stuff to tell you.

*While Mr. Rodacre might want me to call out his name, I do not think he would want it done under these such circumstances.


Anthony S. said...

You have some nightmarish dreams, Sizzle.

I love the Goonies.

anne said...

Morning dreams are always totally weird!!

justacoolcat said...

I love the weird morning dreams.

kapgar said...

And I thought my 9/11 dream was weird.

Mrs. Ca said...

That is a weird dream! I usually do my weird dreaming in the early morning between the time when the alarm goes off (or my husband and when he wakes me up. It must be something about falling immediately back into REM that causes the weird dreams to occur.

JustRun said...

Wow, that is one for the books. If someone didn't know better, they'd think it drug induced. ;-)

Bre said...

I envy your early rising abilities... just not your dreams! :)

Nihilistic said...

I feel your pain on the nightmares...Michael has to wake me up on a regular basis from screaming in my sleep.