Thursday, April 06, 2006

I'm Gonna Learn to Fly- High!

Yesterday, at lunch with friends, someone said something that sparked a musical memory in my head. From there, I was lost to the rhythm of an old familiar tune: "There's a place I wanna be, not the one I hear that it should be. Fast forward! Moving fast forward!" And along with that, came the dance moves. Once out in the parking lot, I broke out into song and busted a move to show my fly steps. Right arm with fist clenched thrust in the air as my hips shimmied side to side. I think there was a twirl and maybe a little bit of the cabbage patch. It's kind of a blur because I was so IN it. My friends were busting a gut laughing at me as I managed to flounce across the parking lot as curious on-lookers ogled my shenanigans. It might have helped if Jorge and Chlo actually knew the movie from which my killer dance routine spawned from but alas, very few can say they have watched "the definitive dance movie of the '80's" (hey that is what the back of the movie says!). We came to the crosswalk and Chlo dared me to do my dance routine as I crossed the street.

Of course, I did it.

She dared me. And it was funny.

What was that I said about musical theater? Ahem. Maybe I am just a closeted wanna be musical theater star? I am not one to hang out with if you are easily embarrassed by random outbursts of song and dance in public that is for damn sure. I was thinking the other day as I was getting ready for work that I could walk out of my house and go about my entire day wearing my shower cap and no one would probably question my sanity. That's one of the things I like about this town. You wanna go all crazy and walk down the street at a snail's pace in an all pink get-up carrying an umbrella? Go right ahead. We will probably give you an award for "Local Hero". I'm gonna miss that about this place.

Oh, I didn't actually wear the shower cap out. Just in case, after that first story, you are questioning my sanity.

I feel about 75% lighter since breaking the news about my impending move here on this little bitty blog. Today I am tackling telling a couple of close co-workers. Then it will be OUT THERE. "You can't take it back. It's already out there." There is no turning back now.

Birthday Self-Promotion: A mere twelve days until I turn 33.
Weather update: It is sunny! Thank you Mother Nature.


gronce said...

Why don't you post a birthday wish list (a la Amazon or something similar) on your blog so we all can show you some birthday love? Your address will remain anonymous, so no freaks coming out of the woodwork.

Jules said...

you forgot to mention that it's cold. sunny and cold.

and damn, i wish i hadn't missed the dance:-(

Mikey said...

Yeah for the sun!!! Me I am going to send her a strip=o=gram for her birthday. Hold on I can save many by doing it myself, or should I send you the "Tomato?" LOLOLOL

Kevin said...

Sidney Poitier directed a movie about dancing? How horrifying, Mr. Tibbs.

sue said...

Speaking of Birthdays... see my comment on your birthdate post. :)

Mrs. Ca said...

Too funny. Yeah, if I were out with you I would be the one turning red in the face and hiding behind someone else, because I am easily embarrassed. Strangely I get more embarrassed for others than I do for myself. You still sound like you're a blast to hang out with, though, and I think the embarrassment would be well worth it.

Wombat & Aspen said...

Ginger "Sizz" Rogers, I'm gonna buy you unlimited downloads of the Safety Dance for your birthday.

With smooches


Sizzle said...

gronce- i have a hard time telling people what i want when it comes to birthday gifts. just ask my friends. but i will consider your suggestion (and am so very touched and flattered). and i already have freaks coming out of the woodwork on my street. ;)

jules- i will sooo do the dance again. buy me booze.

mikey- i have seen Tomato's striptease. while it is hawt, i think he and i have moved past that being something either of us desire.

kevin- for reals, i know!

sue- to freaky!

mrs. ca- i would definitely embarrass you then. and yes, it would be worth it.

wombat- love that and you! ;)

alissa said...

I would like to request a video post of your dancing skills.

Claire said...

Funny, I was thinking you sounded like a weight had been lifted as you described your rock out session and then you said it. S'all good.

JustRun said...

It should be a rule that you have to dance while you're in a crosswalk! Wouldn't that be awesome?

Rabbit said...

Don't ever change, Sizz. Trust me. Your future children are going to be so lucky!

Nihilistic said...

Can I see the dance? PLEASE!!!!

Martijn said...

Ha ha ha, i know that dance clip from It's a good one because it represents what girls in video clips do. The only differnce is that they are barely dressed. I might use it in my Future Visions project.