Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Proof That I Can't Wink

Here's the thing: When you are trying not to deal, it's hard to sit down and write a blog post. At least for me it is because I try to approach this blog as an honest reflection of who I am and how I am feeling. Granted, it comes out in snippets but for me, it's always been a challenge to hide my true feelings. Some find it easier than others. Or, I should say, some think they have others fooled when really, if anyone was truly paying attention, they would get that there was so much more going on in the depths of that person.

Could I use any more commas in that sentence?

Interesting Johari Window tidbit: so far (and this is in no way meant to influence anyone in their answers who, if you haven't taken a time to contribute, should do so now, please) only two of my ex's have marked me as "self-conscious" and for awhile there, the only three people to mark me as "complex" were all ex's as well. Hmmm. . . Not that I am disagreeing with them at all. I actually totally agree. My darling Dumpling claims that my whole fruit/no fruit for dessert rules are alone grounds for proclaiming me complex. (Damn fruit rules!) This Johari Window thing is pretty enlightening. People like me! They really, really like me!

I am not awake yet. But you probably can't tell. Can you?

I do this thing where, upon waking up, I am automatically on full speed. I don't need warm up time to start talking. I just wake up and blah blah blah. It drives those who are slow starters in the morning kind of crazy. Tomato will not speak to me when he first wakes up. It's like his mouth is sealed shut. Luckily, we've worked the kinks out over 16 years of friendship.

And by kinks, I don't mean anything kinky.

On the phone last night with my best girl Hillz the topic of our upcoming high school reunion came up. She said something like, "Well after 19 years of friendship, I should know. . ." and my reaction was, "19 Years!? It hasn't been THAT long." Uh. Sizzle? It's your 15th anniversary of high school graduation. You and Hillz met when you were 14. Do the math. And yes, you are that old. Face it sister, you better love who you are now because you are not getting any younger. I am so glad I put my slutty period behind me. I am too old to keep up with that shit now. I mean, I regularly fall asleep at 10pm. Hence my motor-mouth morning abilities.

Oh, that last part came out wrong...


Kevin said...

Yeah, everything's coming out wrong today, isn't it?

Well, this year marks the 13th anniversary of my HS graduation. Weird to think about. I haven't gone to any reunions and don't plan to. I can't say I have any desire to see any of them that I don't already keep in touch with.

Party Girl said...

"your slut period behind you..."

I've been feeling very 5th season Sex and the City lately. When the girls go to Atlantic City and Carrie wonders how much longer she has to keep doing the whole dating thing before she finally finds the right someone.

Anyway...yeah, not sure where that came from. Feel free to disregard that comment.

Singledom rules...?

Great blog!

sue said...


Having said that, I'm totally NOT a morning person and I don't drink coffee, so the people who know me best know I will probably just nod my head for an hour or two after waking in response to any questions and the rest will wait until I've had a Pepsi to wake up.

The reunion thing? I'm with Kevin. Had a class of 300+ and never been to a reunion. I keep in touch with one person. The rest? I really don't care how much money they make or how lovely their kids are. I know how much money I make, and my kids beat theirs hands down without looking.

What's neat is you can say you've had friends that have known you that long and still like you! Tells you a LOT about yourself, sweetie... oh, and the Jahari thing? I wish I could have picked more than 6.

Mrs. Ca said...

I completely and totally agree with your first sentence - "Here's the thing: When you are trying not to deal, it's hard to sit down and write a blog post."

It really is hard.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear that your slutty period is behind you!

Kerry said...

I love the pic... you do the cutest pictures :)

Bre said...

Winking, much like raising one eyebrow, is something I can only do when I'm not thinking about it.

Meanwhile, I feel you should send me some early morning energy! I am my most awake late at night (which I'm sure does nothing to help my morning slugishness) and I don't speak until I'm at work or in front of someone. The morning is made for inner-grumbling

Melissa said...

My alarm may go off at 6, but I'm nowhere near coherent until 10... Much to the chagrin of my employer.

sandra said...

I envy your ability to actually BE awake when you first wake up. It takes me a good hour...and in the interim, I stare at anyone with the misfortune to be near me, bleary-eyed and confused.

Neil said...

If you can't wink, how complex can you really be?

Jenster said...

Great photo! I can only wink with one eye. And I have never been able to cross my eyes at all. But I'm told I look funny when I try.

I'm like Tomato in the morning. Then again, I'm just not a morning person.

I got my 15th reunion invite a couple of weeks ago and almost had a heart attack. I can't believe it's been that long. Yes, we are frickin' old!

That last part has so many connotations. :)

JustRun said...

I don't talk to anyone for at least an hour in the morning, it's just better that way. Ironically, I have no problem actually getting up early.

J :-)
(also an expert at trying not to deal)

jenny said...

It's all about glass half full/half empty in my opinion. You call this picture proof that you can't wink. I call this picture proof that you can shift almost your entire face to the left side of your head. Now that's something! ;)

Claire said...

Love that picture!

"When you are trying not to deal, it's hard to sit down and write a blog post."

So very true.

Anonymous said...

just so you know, i TOTALLY would have marked you as complex, if all those other perfect words to describe the complexity of you had not jumped out at me.

- jules

jeopardygirl said...

Sizz--I almost didn't find out about my HS 10th reunion. Apparently, I was as forgettable as I had thought. sigh. At the last minute, I didn't go anyway. I wasn't feeling well. (That'll learn me not to go to a smoky club the night before)

Mikey said...

That last pat just made me feel REALLY old. This year it will be a quarter of a century since I graduated high school. Can I be like Cher and "Turn back the time?"

Krisco said...

I wouldn't say they like you.

There is no "obnoxious" or "pisses me off" on that Jahari Window thing.

Trust me, I LOOKED.

(Ha! Kidding, of course. Just based on this little blog, you're awesome.)

Oh, and, I can't wink either. (Maybe it's an Irish thing?)