Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Like You Care

Paula Abdul does not know how to clap properly.

There. I said it.

Why must she insist on clapping like a moron week after week? I couldn't find a picture of her clapping. Why? Because they want you to forget. . . until next week when she does it again. I think she was medicated last night. Did you notice the droopy lids?

Finally Mandisa wore an outfit that a) didn't look like lingerie and b) was flattering to her womanly figure. Plus, she belted one out like nobody else.

I have nothing nice to say about Bucky.

Katherine is still my favorite. I think I have a girlcrush on her. Plus, she sang one of my all time favorite songs ever.

Taylor, still a great singer but his song choices. . . well, I think he can do better. And the blue suit? It looked a little small for him. White shoes!

Elliot & Paris were hot. Great song choices.

Kevin, aka Chicken Little, has the same eyes as George W. That alone should disqualify him.

I think Lisa used to be on 21 Jump Street.

Chris & Ace are nice eye candy. I like how they each changed up their songs and made them their own.

Kellie Pickler looked like a squeezed lemon in that outfit. What was with her orange blush? She picked a good song but she seems emotionally vacant. Hello? Is anyone in there?

* * * *
In other news, it looks like I am a winner. Does tying for third place in two categories make me a winner? Or a wiener?


Mrs. Ca said...

I missed AI last night because I was watching the rerun of ANTM that I missed last week because of a basketball game (which is going to happen again this week. Grrr...) But I hear that Bucky should be the one to go. (At least that's my wishful thinking saying that - I really can't stand him either.)

whoorl said...

Bucky needs to GO! Followed by chicken little and pickler (the blush, the HORROR)- they drive me batty.

Jenster said...

Nice AI assessment! There was definitely something wrong with Paula last night. She wasn't as nasty to Simon as she usually is.

Mandesa had one heck of a performance. She looked great.

I don't know what to say about Bucky either.

Katherine is adorable.

Taylor is adorable in spite of the bad suit and white shoes.

Elliot reminds me of a leprechaun. Paris' baby voice cracks me up.

Kevin- OMG he does have GW's eyes! Creepy! At least he actually has a personality unlike GW. Still... I think he's next to go.

I'm not a fan of Lisa's. The 21 Jump Street comment had me laughing my ass off. She soooo looks like Holly Robinson. She won't be far behind Chicken Little.

I like Chris better than Ace.

Kelly is too cute and Jessica Simpson for words. She really was not her usual ditsy self last night. I have to also agree with you on the makeup. It was awful!

I think for the most part, the show needs to get some better stylists. The super hero people they pulled off of Sunset just aren't cutting it.

gronce said...

Paula is a freak.

Chicken Little needs to be gone already. I am willing to suffer through another week of Bucky to see Kevin leave tonight.

Mandisa rocks!

Kelly is a fake. I am not buying it At.All.

I like Chris. I have no idea who is going to win this thing. If the winner is based strictly on singing talent, then I would say Katherine will win.

Kevin said...

How long would it take to legally change my name?

Anthony S. said...

Congratulations on your win. I have been reading your blog for a little while now, and enjoy your entries.

You deserved it.

Melissa said...

Um... can I get a bite of Chris? Please? No, really!

I know most everyone is a big Taylor Fan, but I just can't take him. He's soooooo freakin perky.

Bre said...

I quite enjoy Taylor, but I read somewhere that he is going to start slowly dying his hair away from grey. This would make me quite sad.

My 13 year old cousin is desperately in love with Kevin. She made herself a poster. Last night, her mother told me she was screaming at the tv for him to marry her. Oy.

Mr_Rodacre said...

Winner or Weiner?

I have the song in my car:

"You're a WEEE-ner! You're a WEEE-ner! You're a WEEE-ner!"

Thank you for that - It shall forever be stuck in my head.

Mr_Rodacre said...

and I haven't watched AI from last night yet. But I think Bucky and Kevin should be on the chopping block tonight.

For my money the final two of the show this season will be between Katherine and Chris.

Bob Merrick said...

I agree. She was barely hanging on to the planet last night! I texted Constantine to find out what she was on and get me some. I have a feeling it is an IV drip placed right behind her. Nothing she was doing was making sense last night and they had serious sound issues. There were a few times Randy and her mics were turned on when they shouldn't have been!!!

I have been meaning to do my own review today... maybe I will get on that now!


Gary said...

Paula used to be an L.A. Lakers cheerleader. Maybe that's where she learned that clap. I think Bucky is gone soon. Maybe this week.

Jacynth said...

Elliott and I both have crushes on Katherine, she's a hottie pottottie and girl can sing!

Mikey said...

Mandisa, Chris and Ace ruled last night.

Bucky and Lisa need to go this week.

Why didn't I get acknowledge for my birthing post and Rabbit for her last spider story? Really Congrats love!!!! LOLOL and my verfication is csxho. See sex ho. ROFL

Neil said...

Skipped your entire post becaue I haven't watched the show yet. So, let's see, what can I talk about... how's the weather in Santa Cruz? Nice blouse...

inky said...

My thoughts on IDOL Tuesday.... Is Kellie Pickler really that stupid??? I'd be embarrassed to call her kin. And am glad that dork got the boot. Remember the dork last year???? God. I loved the new version of WALK THE LINE!!!! And Mandisa I adore. Bucky needs to get his eye brows waved and his gaggy hairdo cut!!! Anyways...I fixed my comments so anyone can now leave something...not that you had tried but just letting you know.

Oh...I hate PAULA's clapping too. I'm like what the fuck is she doing??? AND the weird spat she had with Simon about him not dancing? I agree, this is a voice competition not a dance off dipshit.

Nihilistic said...

Kevin DOES look like Chicken Little...its almost too close of a match...I smell a conspiracy!

Bill said...

It was a crazy day but I think I tried commenting earlier but blogger wouldn't let me. Problem is, I don't remember what my comment was. But I'm sure it was a very good one. Probably about how I can't keep the names straight on AI and I think Simon kind of looks like a middle manager waiting for a retirement package.

sue said...

I haven't gotten into Idol the past couple of times... just got underwhelmed the first few times, I guess.

Grats on the award. We all know you deserve it!

justacoolcat said...

Thanks for the recap.