Thursday, February 16, 2006


*Working too much and not feeling like I am accomplishing anything. Aaacck!

*Waking up at 3:00 am worried about the mountain of things I am not accomplishing. See: bags under eyes.

*Waking up in the bed, alone. This is getting old. Having a constant neck ache from mediocre pillows. Why are the best pillows so damn expensive?

*Sleeping in an unmade bed for days because the idea of actually making it seems too great a task. When you can't be bothered to put sheets on your bed, how bad off are you?

*Having no motivation to start my day because the mountain of things not yet done is weighing me down. Ugh.

*Falling into old patterns of pushing people away. Tsk, tsk.

*Eating too much sugar and wondering if the 20 pounds I lost can be regained in just one week. Chocolate, damn you!

*Trying to figure out my next steps in life by looking through a keyhole rather than through panoramic view. Now that isn't going to help much, is it?


*Having a new crush. This fella is rocking my world. I am sure you will be hearing about him in the months to come (by me, probably). Sure, he doesn't look like the next American Idol but he can sing. He's got sparkly eyes. Swoon.

*Being treated to breakfast by Dumpling for our 3 year anniversary. We met on Valentine's Day. Awww. And no, we are not dating Krisco.

*Having my Mom take me shopping even though I am nearly 33 year olds. I love my new hat!

*Receiving mail other than bills. I love mail. Lucky me!

*Picking up my forgotten sweater at the dry cleaners and discovering it not only still fits but it is still fashionable. Score!

*Being told "I love you" by people that I love. Thank you for loving me in my messy state of neurosis.

*Looking forward to going to the Opera. Getting dressed up. Being swanky and acting like a cultured grown up. Fun!

*Having three days off and finally not being sick. Rain be damned.


whoorl said...

Damn, Sizzle! It's COLD in Santa Cruz! I guess it's a little chilly down here as well...

And by the way, I love you! Can you love someone over the internet? Ok, maybe I really, really like you. :)

Kevin said...

Okay, where to start on this one...

I can agree with everything in your low list as they apply to me lately as well. However, I do have sheets on the bed. I just don't make it when I get up in the morning.

Don't know your new boy toy. Either of them.

I wish I got more "real" mail. It rarely happens though.

When do we get to see the new hat?

I would tell you I love you, but Katie would get jealous and, well, we just met fairly recently. So, would you settle for "I like you" or "I really dig you"?

When it comes to weather, it's pretty bleak here in Chicagoland as well. It's so dark right now, it may as well be 8:00 p.m. and it's only a little before 11:00 a.m. Go fig. I hate it.

Mrs. Ca said...

That fella rocks my world too (although I have to admit a secret crush on, I think his name is Ace - the one with the long curly hair and boy-band but better looks. I just can't tell my husband because he'll get jealous).

Sizzle said...

whoorl- i think you can? i'll take it! the feeling is mutual. :)

kevin- if you put the sheets on the bed, you are better off than me. hee hee. i dig you too. ;)

mrs. ca- you've got great taste.

Lushy said...

I haven't bothered to put sheets on my bed in at least a week, but I have been loving my new body pillow that my mom bought me when we went shopping. I haven't been "loving" my new body pillow, but I do love it. I've been sleeping better than I have in months.

Amanda said...

Hey! At least you have the highs to go with the lows..It will balance out! You rock!

Bob Merrick said...

I'll let Taylor know he has a fan :-)

and I will try not to tell him you haven't put sheets on your bed!

ocg said...


I read a “beach read” type book this last summer. The main character’s best friend (a gay guy) kept telling her that only sluts don’t make their bed. So (regardless of the truth) I take the two extra minutes almost every morning (even when I am running late) to make my bed.
Not sure of the point of that… anyway…

I <3 Taylor too!!!

I really like your highs… you will be just fine, because you are fabulous.

And I love you.


Gary said...

Congratulation on your new fella. I hope he appreciates what a wonderful, intelligent woman he's spending time with.

Sizzle said...

just to clear this up: taylor hicks the fella in the picture, my new crush, is one of the contestants on american idol. i don't actually know him, nor does he know of me. . .yet. ;)


Nihilistic said...

My pillow has resorted to being the thickness of my sheets somehow. I don't understand how they go flat so fast! My Mother puts some weird voodoo curse on her pillows which forces them to stay all springy and fluffy for years. I have not inherited this knack and am forced to endure pancake pillows!

Jenny said...

TAYLOR hicks...hottie...he NEEDS to meet Sizzle. bob, make it happen!

sandra said...

My favorite: "Sleeping in an unmade bed for days because the idea of actually making it seems too great a task. When you can't be bothered to put sheets on your bed, how bad off are you?"

I do this SO much it's ridiculous. The sheets -- which, incidentally, I don't even wash (I use a wash & fold!) -- come back all nice and folded and I think, "well, I could go ONE night just using blankets...

Bob Merrick said...

Bob Merrick said...

I tried Jen, I invited her to go to a party with him this Saturday and she refused... she's all opera, opera, opera... is that opera going to put her any closer to the loving arms of her next American Idol??

Sizzle said...

daaaamn it!!

tomato, you better not get liquored up and blab about the orgasm thing to my future husband. i know where you live!

:) sizz

Bob Merrick said...

What orgasm thing?

I have no idea what you are talking about... care to enlighten us? er... I mean, me?

Sizzle said...

tomato, everyone knows. it's in the 100 things.

get with it!
;) sizz

Moonchild said...

Nice new colors on your sidebar! Groovy. Nice list ..... glad you are in better spirits.

Krisco said...

*Being treated to breakfast by Dumpling for our 3 year anniversary. We met on Valentine's Day. Awww. And no, we are not dating Krisco.

But I so think you *should* be.

(Dumpling, send me those bills in unmarked twenties...)

Hey, how sweet is it that that sweater still fits? And is still stylish? (And you thought we didn't notice the follow-up...)

Sizzle said...

you, dear krisco, are paying attention.

;) sizz

Nihilistic said...

I'm not the only one changing their template around I see.

Bill said...

I was paying attention too. I noticed the colours playing games on me. But I've been experiencing my own lows and highs yesterday and today so I didn't have time to comment. Now that I'm here and have time ... oh dear. My brain is empty.

I find this happens a lot. Going to a blog that has an interesting post and having nothing intelligent to contribute.

But I am glad you like the grey-haired guy. I'm also glad I'm older than him and don't have grey hair. Makes me feel young and fiesty. (I also like the kind of music he does ... I tremble at the thought of what theyre going to make him sing on that damned show.)

Have you noticed I'm in a ramblin' mood tonight? I'm in a ramblin' mood tonight ... sorry!

Bill said...

Full discolsure: my beard, on the other hand, is as gray as grandpa. What's with that?

Mikey said...

Great on the crush, curl up with the kitties and dog at night. XXXOOO LOLOl the last three lastters of verification are OAF

alissa said...

Ooooo - you'll love the Opera! I've been twice now (Madame Butterfly and La Traviata) It's so beautiful.

Kris said...

Sleeping in an unmade bed for days because the idea of actually making it seems too great a task. When you can't be bothered to put sheets on your bed, how bad off are you?

Thank God I’m not alone.

Have I told you lately how much I adore you? Wish I knew you in real life. :)

gorillabuns said...

did i say congrats on the 20lbs lost? you are beating me, for now....and research says that eating dark chocolate is actually good for you, so bring it on!