Monday, December 19, 2005

Friendship Feast in Photos

Appetizers a la Rachel Ray. She might give The Joker a run for his money with that smile but she sure can make a mean meal. These cucumber rounds with cream cheese & beet mixture topped with smoked salmon were a h.i.t. Polenta rounds with goat cheese and basil was my sister's idea. (Thanks Dokey!)

JB and Hummingbird partake in some vino and riveting conversation.
Supple and Jenny Two Times smile across the table for me.

Mikey (the housemate) and Meagan (my friend and his girlfriend who bares a striking resemblance to Natalie Wood). Apparently there was some deep conversation happening that night. I swear they all had fun!

See? Bird and I are having a great time. Man, I am short.

There was even "bird" cake. It's from scratch meaning, I slaved over this coconut cake. And it was worth it. It's like crack it is so addictive! Someone, please eat it, I am gaining weight just having the remnants of it in my kitchen.

Thanks to Dumpling, Surrogate Boyfriend #2, most of the dishes were done before daybreak. Sometimes a Virgo man is just what the doctor ordered.

And then there is JB, Surrogate Boyfriend #1, all decked out in his rain gear. It was stormy that night but JB braved the rains in full gear to make it to the festivities. He made me cry even more when he said, "It is not even close to what you are worth to us." when I got the gift.

I love my friends (those present and those not).


Sizzle said...

i'm having trouble with the photos. sorry for the weird layout today.

:) sizzle

Krisco said...

Sounds like a great time, and I am jealous about all that great food! And of course all those wonderful friends. Good for you!

alissa said...

I kind of want to borrow the rain gear for my next party! You have fabulous friends Sizz.

Jenny said...

omg. i look like i have 3 chins! isn't there a better pic of me? I had so much fun! love ya muchos!

goldmoon said...

That looks like such a fun evening!! You are lucky to have great friends and they, in turn, are lucky to have you.

Kilt Trip said...

Mmm....that cake looks rather tasty.

ocg said...

I love your friends too!

That looked like tons o' fun!

Paul said...

The big question isn't if people were having fun...but what in the hell those snacks were in the first picture.

Pink, well, it ususally throws me into DANGER mode when it's involved with food.

Bill said...

Forgive my picky mind ... but in one picture, I see Audrey Hepburn on the wall - who are those other women? And the picture to the right in the shot of you and Bird ... who's that by? It looks a lot like a guy named Bascove.

I don't know why I want to know these things. It's how my stupid brain works.

And I'm jealous. It sounds like the best kind of evening.

Her Daddy's Eyes said...

I'm J-E-A-L-O-U-S!

Looks SO much fun! YAY for dinner parties with wonderful friends!!


Jenster said...

Looks like good times were had by all! You're a great friend, and I"m glad to hear that your friends acknowledge it!

sue said...

See? You are rich beyond your wildest dreams... and I can think of no one who deserves it more. {{{hugs}}}